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    Surnames   A - L

      Scan list below for your ancestors' names. The person may be on a son or daughter's page if they don't have a page of their own. 'Life Story' or 'Journal' is their own writings. 'History' is by someone else.

A photos info writings documents - PDF
Atkins, Sophia (Whetten) (Huff)   1845-        

B photos info writings documents - PDF
Ballou, Lillis   1805-1892   history    
Barney, Alice Malena   1835-1916        
Barney, Edson   1806-1905     life story  PDF pgs
Barney, Eliza Arabella   1837-1906        
Birch, Elizabeth Ann   1822-1899       census, PDF pgs
Burris, Evangeline (Evalina)   -        

C photos info writings documents - PDF
Carter, Charlotta York   1856-1943    history    
Carter, William Fulsbury   1811-        
Chapman, Mary Ann   1872-1973     life story    PDF pgs
Chapman, Elizabeth Amelia   1874-1962        
Chapman, Welcome Sr.   1805-1893             PDF pgs
Chapman, Welcome Jr.   1849-1900    about      PDF pgs

D photos info writings documents - PDF
Davis, Hannah   1816-1902    history   PDF pgs
Deming, Frank   1859-1943        

E photos info writings documents - PDF
Ellis, John William   abt 1804-        
Ellis, Sarah Luiza "Ludie"   1875-1946   history    
Ellis, William Rufus   1833-1925        

F photos info writings documents - PDF
Fleming, Mary ____ (Hassell)   1762-1835       will

G photos info writings documents - PDF
Gimlin, Malinda   1811-1894       PDF pgs

H photos info writings documents - PDF
Hamblin, Daphne Jane   1860-1943    about   PDF pgs
Hamblin, Olive Adeline   1870-        
Hamblin, Frances Melissa   1863-        
Hamblin, Fredrick   1841-1922     & bear    
Harmon, Lucinda   1834-1887        
Harmon, Hiram   abt 1804-bef 1890       indenture
Hassell, Addison   1821-1900       census
Hassell, Lula Eugenia   1895-1918    timeline letters  
Hassell, Lyman Snow   1899-        
Hassell, Maynor May   1891-1981        
Hassell, Palmer Livingston   1886-        
Hassell, Theodore Fleming   1889-        
Hassell, Uriah Eaton   1853-1903       census
Hassell, Wilford Clair   1898-        
Harrison, Armaidie   1872-       census
Hunt, Elihu H.   1858-       census
Huntsman, James William   1806-    about   PDF pgs
Huntsman, Sarah Jane   1834-        
Huff, James   m 1865-        

I photos info writings documents - PDF

J photos info writings documents - PDF
James, Mable   -        

K photos info writings documents - PDF
Kennedy, Nancy Adeline   1811-1893    history    
Kirkpatrick, Arlington Vandervere   1883-       census
Kirkpatrick, Charles   1858-       census
Kirkpatrick, Helen Katherine   1909-1983   about   census  PDF pgs
Kirkpatrick, John   1822-1880       census
Kirkpatrick, Joseph Clark   1851-       census
Kirkpatrick, Orr   1899-       1900 census
Kirkpatrick, Zadie ____   1876-       census
Rhoda Luella Knudsen   -        

L photos info writings documents - PDF
Larson, James Moses   1865-        PDF pgs
Larson, Mons   1823-    history    ship cert.
Larson, Roland   1901-1986    a story    PDF pgs
Lewis, Berrien McCrinean   1819-        
Lewis, Benjamin Tarleton   1892-        
Lewis, Caroline Elizabeth   1839-        
Lewis, Carrie Mattie   1916-        
Lewis, Daphne Tamar   1890-        
Lewis, Edith   about 1904-        
Lewis, Frances Linda   1887-        
Lewis, Francis Asa   1885-        
Lewis, Ivan Merriman   1915-      his story  
Lewis, Gilbert Vernon   1900-        
Lewis, Jesse Duane   1895-        
Lewis, Joseph Tarlton   1868-1890    a story    
Lewis, Orson Frederick   1882-        
Lewis, Samuel   1829-        
Lewis, Samuel Edward Jr.   1882-        
Lewis, Samuel Edward Sr.   1854-      journal PDF pgs
Lewis, Sarah Lavira   1870-        
Lewis, Tarleton   1805-    Haun's Mill    PDF pgs
Lewis, Rudger   1897-        
Lovett, Delbert   1899-        
Lovett, Elbert F.   1901-        
Lovett, Francis  1792 -        
Lovett, Gratz E.   1910-        
Lovett, Joshua David   1833-        
Lovett, Joshua D.   1913-        
Lovett, Leona M.   1908-        
Lovett, Lewis H.   1904-        

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