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Arlington Vandervere Kirkpatrick
&   Mary Florence Riley (1887-1911)

m 17 April 1907              


their children:

Arlyn Clinton b 1908

Helen Katherine b 1909

Arlyn about 3, Helen about 2

Mary "Mada"

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1910 census - April - 7 Precinct, Denver, Denver, CO
      Arlie V. Kirkpatrick 26, head of household - conductor, tramway
      "Mada" (Mary) F. 27, wife, mother of two babies under two years old)
       Arlyn C.  1 & 6 mo., son
       Helen K.  6 mo., daughter

Arlyn was 2 1/2 when his mother died in July 1911, Helen was 1 1/2. No wonder they gave the kids to different families: Grandma Riley was already 50 (about like our 70), Etta was married, Amy 16 and Jessie 14. They raised Helen.

Since Arlyn grew up in the home of his Aunt Maude and Uncle Byron Engle in Iowa (only a few miles from Grant City, Missouri, where his dad was born & buried) we can suppose that that's where he and his father went after his mother died. Arlie probably had TB for a few years before it killed him.

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- Photos courtesy of Henry Larson
- Research by Dwyn Larson

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  Stories, Timelines, etc.
    The Parents' Timeline
    The Childrens' Timelines

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