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      Searches and Updates

26 August 2008
Martha Walton newspaper obituary 1906  

      15 June 2008R.H. Larson Family emails
Found marriage date for Susan and Elihu Hunt - 1847 and her maiden name is Paschell. So that answers two questions. This was in, looking at the list for Elihu - in #10, 11, and 13. It took a lot of clicking to find the info.

        2 May 2008R.H. Larson Family emails
Questions: arnold potter page william kimball look up in 1880 census and 1900 is samantha his wife or daughter? born CA
 - 1870 census no Francis Lovette listed. Not buried in White Cem. Macon County or Grant City Cem. Worth County. I'll look again - maybe living with son or daughter tradition says he died about 1873.

        25 Mar 2008 R.H. Larson Family emails
Today I went through the 4 census records for Elihu H. Hunt. When you take a few minutes to look at things from different angles you sometimes see more questions than answers. Do the two little kids belong to Susan? How long have they been married?

        22 Mar 2008R.H. Larson Family emails
Joshua Lovett at 16, 1850 - Joshua's and brothers? families 1860, Father and one sister at home. Now we have a birth year for Francis Lovett (plus or minus 1). Bottom of Joshua and Lucinda's ancestor page. And much more.

This evening I found a Martha Sharp with a husband Ledford Parrott in Campbell Co. TN in the 1860 census. But first I found the two names together on a fam hist page just by googling her name. There was no information other than that so I tried the census records.

        19 Mar 2008R.H. Larson Family emails
Thinking it should be fairly easy to find Helen Kirkpatick's birth recorded somewhere, I looked in Colorado records. Nothing. Then on impulse I put her name in the 1910 census. And there she was! At 6/12 months old. Knowing their names, I could read the old handwriting: Arlie V. but whoever read it for the digital record put Arlie E. "Mada" would be Helen Kirkpatrick's mother's nickname, how interesting to find out on a census record.

Where they were isn't that important in the grand scheme of things but it is exciting to solve the mystery. The thing I'd like to find is where Arly V. went with his son Arlyn Clinton after his wife died in July 1911. Maybe one of his sisters. I looked for Zella (Bella) in the 1920 census, couldn't find one with any familiar names living with her and her husband, whatever his name might be. Found lots of Zellas.

Found Helen at 10 in Shreeveport LA in 1920 with her Grandmother Riley, her Aunt Amy and Uncle Dallas, her Aunt Jessie with daughter Luanna. Why does it make it seem more real to see it written down?

Found Arlyn Clinton Kirkpatrick in the social security death index. I had looked before and not found him. This time it just came up with some other stuff. He died in Allen, TX in 2005. That's Grandpa Henry's Uncle Arlyn, Grandma Larson's brother. Jan went with Grandpa and Grandma Larson to see them when she was four.

        17 Mar 2008R.H. Larson Family emails
Found Arlington V. Kirkpatrick's birth record, but in 1883 not 1884 and it was Oct 14 not 27. Oops, they didn't write it down at the time but tried to remember years later. It's easy to forget details especially when life comes at you thick and fast for decades. Or.. maybe that baby died and she had another just a year later. Entirely possible.

Click on the document records in the right navigation bar on Arly & Mary's ancestor page. I was actually looking for clues as to his occupation, her occupations, etc. but I didn't find them in the 1910 census records. They were married 1907 and she died in 1911. Of course, it doesn't hurt to go back and look again later. It's easy to miss clues. Maybe they were living with his folks or hers, being ill with TB.

        15 Mar 2008R.H. Larson Family emails
Somewhere in Helen Kirkpatrick's stuff was a small "certificate" about the Ship William Tapscott which brought Mons, Elna and family to America. It was hard to read, sort of like a negative, black with white lettering but I couldn't even find that. In looking for a better copy online (google: ship william tapscott 1859) I came across the excerpt The Journey to Zion from Weston Memories which is very interesting. Researched and published by Bert Nelson in 12/29/96 it has a lot of information about the same sea voyage and pioneer trek Elna and her family took. The email to contact the webmaster is not working to ask permission to use the info on this site. Too many websites disappear and then you never see the info again so here it is with full credit and sources given.

This info appears on Elna's story page at the bottom.

        8 Mar 2008R.H. Larson Family emails
We knew nothing personal about John Kirkpatrick and Elizabeth Orr. I wasn't even sure they were really our ancestors until I found the census records with the right children listed. But who is this Joseph? Visit their page.

We knew nothing personal about Joseph Clark Kirkpatrick and Martha "Miranda" Walton. Now I know why people get so excited about finding new records, we know much more about what was happening in their lives. These were Grandma Helen Kirkpatrick's other grandparents. "Martha Miranda" would have been a nickname she heard her father or her grandfather use. It's not in any records, instead she's listed as Martha F. in two places.

Note: on cenus records the marks here and there are where someone was counting up totals later or whatever. Very seldom are they corrections made at the time.

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