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Joshua David Lovett (1833-1917)
married 1897
Armaidie Harrison (1872-1959)

    He called Maidy, his third
     wife, his "little pot of
     honey." They had six

her children:

Freddie O. Riley 1892-

Neal C. A. Riley 1894-

their children:

Delbert W. 1899-

Elbert F. 1901-

Lewis (or Louis) H. 1904-

Leona M. (Midge) 1907-

Gratz E. 1910-

Joshua David 1913-

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Joshua Lovett (1833-1917)
1900 census - age 67, farmer - Colfax Township - Harrison - MO
      wife Armaidie 28, son Delbert 1, step-sons surname Riley, Freddie 8 and Neal 6. Married 3 years.

1910 census - age 76, farmer - Elk River Township - McDonald - MO
      wife Armaidie 38, step-son Neal 16, sons Delbert 11, Elbert 9, Lewis 6, Gratz 3 mo, daughter Midge 3,
      mother-in-law Serrah 62, brother-in-law Noah 24.

Armaidie Harrison (1872-1959)
1920 census - age 48 - no trade or profession - Noel - Elk River Township - McDonald - MO
      sons Elbert F. 18 - Assistant ____ Post Office, Louis H. 16, Gratz E. 10, Joshua D. 7,
      daughter Leona M. 12, brother Noah 34

1920 census - larger view


In the 1920 census for Maidie it's hard to make out the name of the last child. It looks like the census taker had a bad pen. He wrote J-o which is very faint as though he ran out of ink. So he dipped his pen and made a tall dark -s, maybe his elbow was joggled, then wrote u-a and remembered (or was reminded - too late) that Joshua has an h so he ended with that. And then the initial D.

Cross-checking the name in we find Joshua David born 1913 (when his father was 80).

- Photos courtesy of Henry Larson
- Research and census pages courtesy of Dwyn Larson

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