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Journal of the life of Samuel E Lewis

map of the pueblos

I was born in the town of Parowan Iron County Utah on the 17th of July 1854. My Parents names was Samuel Lewis and Sarah Jane Huntsman. When I was quite young my Parents moved from Parowan Iron Co to a place called Minersville Beaver County. There I was raised to manhood or until I was about 18 years of age.

I then went with my Parents to a place called Panguitch, Iron County, where I stayed with my Father's family working for them for about six years while my Father was working most of his time on Temples.

In the latter part of September 1878 (I being a little over 24 years of age) I left my Father's house and started to Arizona in company with Anthony Blackburn. My out fit consisted of two horses one riding saddle and a packsaddle and a few clothes and about $4.00 dollars in money. We came By Lee's ferry and to Sun Set from there went to one of the Moque villages in company with Ira Hatch & Bate Wilhelm. From this village Blackburn & I came across the country to Azuñe Pueblo where we first saw some white Indians. They were quite a curiosity to us; from there we went to Savoia where we stopped with the family of John Hunt for a few days.

May 1st 1883 - Left my home in Navajo and started to Isleta on a mission in company with Eujenio Romero. Traveled by the Railroad with our teams and then from Coolidge to Grants 40 miles on foot Arrived at the A & P junction on the 5th of May.
Journal memorandum for 1879
Feb. - Rented a farm of Wm Flake, farmed that summer in company with Wm. Waddill, raised a very good crop.

Oct. - Started out to the Rio Grande to hunt a school. Traveled with Julius Becker to Belen. From Belen to Santa Fe and from there to Los Lunas, there found a school.

Nov. - Started to Spanish School

Dec. - Was encouraged to continue in school by the Authorities

Journal 1880
Jan. - Continued in School studying the Spanish language

Feb. - Left Los Lunas to go to Round Valley arrived the Last of the month

Mar.- Went to St. Johns, returned to Round Valley and then moved to St. Johns. Started on a mission to New Mexico in company with T W Brookbank & CE Richardson

Apr. - CE Richardson was left at Mesita Negra. Myself & TW Brookbank went to Albuquerque. Stayed there a few days and then went up the river to San Felipe, an Indian Pueblo but they was not willing for us to stay there so we went to a Mexican town called Algodones and went to studying the Spanish Language. CE Richardson visited us, stayed several days.

June - We continued there until June when Bro. Richardson returned again and we went and visited five Pueblos, vis. San Felipe, San Anna, Silla, Geme, San Domingo, and then returned to Algodones. Stayed some time.

July - T. W. Brookbank was Released and returned to Arizona. Myself & Brother Richardson visited three Pueblos, San Felipe, Santo Domingo & Cochati. Returned to Algodones.

24 - Started to work on Rail Road to make some money to help us on our mission. Worked about two weeks Aug. and returned to Algodones again. Stayed until about the twentieth when we was released to return to the camp of J W Young on the Atlantic & Pacific Rail Road. Stayed there about two months working for wages.

Nov. - Returned to St. Johns, Arizona. Stayed there a few days, settled up my business and went to Bush Valley on a visit. Returned and built a log house.

Dec. - Went to Bush Valley on another visit

Journal for 1881
Jan. - Went to Show Low to see my Fathers family

Mar. 15 - Went to Bush Valley, returned and went to Utah. (This is when he and Daphne were married.) Arrived about the 5th of April at St. George, started on my return on the 9 or 10. Traveled in company with MP Romney & family from Kanab to St. Johns, went to work putting in crop.

Aug. - Moved to Bush Valley.

Oct. - from there to Nutrioso.

Journal for 1882
- Moved back to Bush Valley.

Mar.- Went to Winslow to work. Bought some goods and returned and put in a crop.

July - I Started to Round Valley to spend the fourth of July. Received a letter on the way calling me to move with my family to Savoia. Returned and in a few days started to Savoia with a load of things. Stayed and worked until about the first of August.

Aug. - Returned to Bush Valley and made further preparation to move.

Sept. - Moved with my family to Savoia, stayed a short time and returned going by way of Snowflake to attend the conference and to see my mother.

Oct. - Returned to Savoia having settled up my business.

Nov. - Moved about six miles below to a place afterwards called Ramah, the winter was a very hard one.

Journal For 1883
Apr. - Apostles B. Young and HJ Grant & J N Smith made a visit to Ramah NM. I was called on a mission to an Indian Pueblo called Isleta in company with Eujenio Romero.

Apr.17 - I was ordained a High Priest by JN Smith.

May - Started the first of May, went with John Bloomfield with ox team to Coolidge. From there we went on foot to Grants Station a distance of forty miles. From there we went on the train to Isleta where we stayed eleven days. I then returned home. Walked nearly all the way and carried my blankets and valise. Arrived home about the 22nd, put in some crop and done some other Labor.

July 20 - On the Last part of the month I started again to Isleta on a mission, traveled on horseback. I traveled & labored alone. Visited also Sandia but Labored most of the time at Isleta. made some acquaintances & friends & returned home

Aug. - Arrived on the 20 of august, found my family well. I went to work to harvesting my crop

Dec. - Preparing for to go again, hauling wood and fixing to leave my family as comfortable as I could

Journal For 1884
Jan. 1 - Started on a mission to Isleta in company with Gilbert D. Greer & Richard Gibbons traveling with team

" 8 - Arrived at Isleta about the eighth of the month camped out in our wagon for three days and then rented a room.

" 11 - Stayed about three days and was then ordered out of the Pueblo

July - Went with my family on a visit to Bush Valley to see my Father-in-law and family

Aug. - Returned & went to harvesting had a fair crop

Dec. - Went to snowflake to conference in company with Price Pipkin. Returned safe, had a cold stormy trip

Memorandum - Journal For the year 1885
Mar. - Commenced to put in crop and work on reservoir

June - Started to Snowflake to Conference took my family. Had a good conference returned in safety. Tended to my farm

Sept. - Started to Snowflake to conference with Brother Ira Hatch, my Mother & miss Ada Levitt had a good conference and returned in safety. Went to Bush Valley Addie Hamblin, my wife's sister returned with me

Nov. - Started to Snowflake to conference with E. A. Teitjen, F.G. Neilson, Wm H. Bond and Miss Adeline Hamblin. Miss Hamblin stopped at Concho we arrived there in due time for conference had a good one and returned in safety but had a cold trip

Journal for 1886
Feb. - Commenced to put in wheat I put in about 25 acres of small grain

Mar. - Worked some on reservoir

May 26 - Started to St. Johns in company with EA Teitjen, Ira Hatch and F.G. Neilson to meet Apostle B Young, we was too late to see him. On my return met my family with my Brother J.T. Lewis on their way to Bush Valley I went with them visited a few days and returned one horse gave out on our return

July 12 - Started to St. Johns in company with Ira Hatch E.A. Teitjen and one Sister Harris arrived there on the 14th met with the Indian missionaries Held meeting nearly all day Started home the same day arrived on the 17th

Aug.- Spent most of my time working on my farm and harvesting my grain and Hunting horses

Aug. 21 - B. Young & company arrived at Ramah

Sept. 1 - Held meeting with the missionaries

" 2 - B Young attended fast meeting in the fore noon in the after noon met with the missionaries The rest of the week I spent in preparing to start on my mission

Sept.6 - Started on a mission among the Pueblos Indians of new Mex. With G.D. Greer & B.Y. Pirkins Our out fit was one pair of small mules

Sept. - one horse and Buggy Travel

7 - first day about 18 miles and camped

8 - Traveled about 20 rained very hard in the after part of the day & nearly all night

9 - rained in Afternoon we camped at grants Station on the A&P RR

10 - Traveled found wild grapes and ate stayed overnight at an Indians the Indian boys that was out herding reported that several cows was killed by hail and a man wounded

Sept. 11 - Travel came to McCarty's where there is a small Village of Indians, one accompanied us to Acoma Village his name was Andres he was of good service to us. Rained in the after noon we camped under a large rock, pasted a bad night

12 - Laid over

13 - Arrived at Acoma Visited among the people made known our business, stayed three days

Sept 16 - Started to Laguna Brother Greer went a horse back B.Y. and myself went by way of Acamita stayed a day there

17 - Traveled on to Laguna had some difficulty in finding Brother Greer. Stayed at Laguna several days was very well treated

20 - I took leave of the Brethren and started to Isleta camped with a Mexican at Rio Puerco was very well treated

21 - Continued my journey about noon met some Indians from Isleta Stopped and ate watermelon with them and then went on, helped one Lorenzo Jojola drive stock to his farm about 4 miles below Isleta, arrived there about 2 o'clock ate grapes in the evening

22 - Helped them gather grapes all day.

23 - Went to the town Stayed at the house of Remijio Abeita Brothers Greer and Perkins came stopped with Jose Jojola

27 - We all went to Albuquerque to the fair

Sept. 28 - Stayed at the fair grounds part of the day, went to the new town in the afternoon

29 - Spent the day in the fair grounds

30 - BY Perkins left us and started home started about 2 O clock, Brother Greer and myself went to the old Town to spend the night, we was refused many times the Privilege of staying over night but at last a poor widow woman came out and invited us in treated us well, we also ate dinner with her
bSept 31 - Started to Isleta

Oct. 1 - Again I stayed with a man at Los Ranchos de Triscas

2 - Stayed about four days with Danaciano Garule.

6 - Started on to Isleta on foot carrying our things arrived in the evening I Stopped again with Remijio Abeita and Bro Greer stopped with Jose Jojola

7 - The day being fast day I observed it, Helped Remijio catch sheep to shear Helped them gather corn and shuck it

Oct. - Helped Vicinte Jeron do some carpenter work. Kept ourselves busy at work and learning the language

Nov. - About the first of the month we went to work worked for one Jose Abeita for 50cts a day Worked five days at that rate

12 - Left Isleta came on the cars to El Rito from there we went to a small Indian Village near by stayed there 2 days.

15 - came to Laguna stayed there four days made some friends and done some work Helped Vicinte Jeron do some carpenter work. Kept ourselves busy at work and learning the language

Nov. 19 - Left Laguna came to Casa Blanca; Stayed over night was well treated

" 20 - Went to Cañon la Cruz Stayed there over Sunday was very cold snowed some
" 22 - Left there went by Acamita stayed there an hour or two stayed over night with an Indian at McCarties

" 23 - Stayed overnight at San Rafael with one Juan Cerna who treated us well and charged us $3.00 for staying over night

" 24 - next day got a man (next page is missing)

Journal for 1887
Jan. 1 - Spent the day at my home at Ramah Valencia County New Mexico. In the afternoon I went & seen Henry George and rented 20 acres of land to him and tended to other business also went and seen the little children dance

" 2 - Went to Sabbath School afternoon went to Church

" 3 - Attended to some business and made preparation to start on a mission among the Pueblos of New Mexico

" 4 - About 10 O clock took leave of my family and started on a mission among the Indians of New Mexico I traveled about 15 miles & stayed over night with a Mexican family named Mesón was well treated but was some what annoyed with a drunken Mexican that stayed there

" 5 - Left there about 9 or 10 O clock traveled about 25 miles called at a Mexican ranch called La Jara and asked to stay over night but was refused I thought because there was no men at home but they told me I could stay in an empty house close by which I did

" 6 - Traveled about 30 miles arrived at McCarty's ranch asked an Indian for lodging but was refused I then called an American that was teaching school he gave me lodging and treated me well I also talked with him on the principles of the gospel. He seemed to be liberal minded and treated me well I lent him the Book of Mormon he assured me that he would read it his name was H.C. Carson Came to

" 7 - Acamita an Indian Pueblo Stayed over night done some talking on the principles of the Gospel and told them of the Book of Mormon was treated well. the weather was cold snowed some

" 8 - Came to Cañada la Cruz was invited in by an Indian by the name of Tomás ate dinner and went to Cubero asked Mr. Salomon Bibo the Governor of the Acamas, the privilege to go among them, and teach them the gospel, but he positively refused said they had the Catholic religion and that was enough I talked with him for some time and tried to reason with him, but to no avail said he would run us out if we went there I spent the night with Tomás I talked with some of them about the Book of Mormon as they gathered in to dance
" 9 - Sunday I Spent the day at Cañada la Cruz visiting among the people talked with them about the Gospel & Book of Mormon

" 10 - Monday morning Left Cañada la Cruz Went to Paraje stopped and ate dinner asked to stay overnight but was refused. Went to another Place Stayed over night done some talking on the Gospel ate breakfast with Jose Saresino was well treated and made some new acquaintances

Jan.11 - Came to Laguna stopped with Jose Antonio Paisano went to the PO wrote home. Then went visiting found the people dancing I also talked with some of them about the Book of Mormon, in the evening talked with Paisano the man I stopped with about the Gospel & Book of Mormon, he said it was good

" 12 - Cold and windy. Some of the government officers of the Indian school came in to Paisano's the people was then called together. And Mr. J.B. Riley from Washington, general Superintendent of Indian Schools was there and spoke to the people and also one Mr. Burk from Albuquerque, they were very anxious to get children to go to school. In the afternoon I went and seen them dance and visited among them and at night was at a house where they was singing an Indian asked them to let me talk but they was to much interested in singing The Indians came in and danced at Paisano's house. After they had finished he asked me to sing some hymns I did.

" 13 - Went to P.O. Very cold Went to hunt my horse met Richard Bleak had a long talk with him he had left the Church and was living 10 or 12 miles north of Cubero. After noon went to hear what Mr. Burk had to say to the Indians in regard to school. Talked again with Richard Bleak

Jan 14 - Went and helped Mr. Paisano haul a load of manure to put on his fruit trees came back & wrote a letter spent the evening with the family sang some hymns

" 15 - Went with Wm Paisano for a load of fencing came back and hunted my horse sang hymns in the evening

" 16 - Nine O clock went to Sunday school Dr Manuel minister only one pupil in attendance. 2 O clock went to Church few there, during the day done some talking on the Book of Mormon, in the evening sang some hymns

Jan. 17 - Went to the post office got a letter from home stating that my child was sick. Asked John Gunn for the use of the schoolhouse to hold meeting in but could not get it. About noon I started to Pawate a Pueblo about 9 miles north of Laguna Arrived in good time after asking for lodging at two places I stopped with Vincente who had a very long house talked with him about the Book of Mormon & other things

Jan. 18 - Went visiting in the Pueblo for an hour or two came back & helped Vincente hew some poles then went with him to look at his land & choose a place to plant potatoes, he asked me to sing in the evening, I sang from the L.D.S. hymn Book

" 19 - Went with Vicente to work on the water ditch. I told him that I wanted to talk to the people he said I could talk in the evening when they got done work so they all that worked on the ditch and a number more gathered at his house, about 70 persons & I held meeting Juan Anailla Interpreted. I spoke to them in Spanish, on the first principles of the gospel and told them of the Book of Mormon, they was very still and attentive

" 20 - Went visiting in the Pueblo, visited the school, Name of teacher Clemente Ortiz talked with him about the school, he was gentlemanly

Jan. 21 - Made a table for the man I stopped with, Vicente.

" 22 - Came to Laguna, got my mail. Stopped with J.A. Paisano. Bathed, wrote a letter, Borrowed a newspaper to read the act of Congress disencorperating the Church of Jesus Christ of Later day Saints.

" 23 - Spent the Sabbath in fasting & prayer. Talked with a few men on the Principles of the Gospel. Went to Church

" 24 - Started to Richard Bleak's ranch met him near Cubero waited at Cubero for him then came with him to a ranch about six miles north of Cubero stayed over night with a man by the name of smith well treated

" 25 - Arrived at R. Bleak's Ranch about half past one O clock after dinner & looking around some time and some council with R M Bleak Prepared to Baptize two daughters the oldest name Velleda & the other Gearghanna Eleanor Bleak I also blessed a child of his, name was Ephram Moore Bleak I Baptized & confirmed the two Daughters named above

" 26 - Left R.M. Bleak's ranch about 9 O clock came to Cubero there I left him came to Paraje stopped over night with Jose Ortiz was well treated

" 27 - Came to Laguna many of the People had gone to Pawate the feast

" 28 - Went to the P.O. got a letter from home stating that Clara Bond was Possessed of the devil. Worked the rest of the day for J. A. Paisano making a water trough

Jan. 29 - Worked for Paisano made a water trough, hunted my horse and Bathed

" 30 - Sunday went to Sunday school was invited to read did so, read in the Bible after reading I asked some questions which offended the minister. After school wrote some letters then went visiting among the people. Talked some on the gospel

" 31 - made a water trough for Paisano During this month I prayed with them and asked a blessing

Feb. 1 - Came to Mesita Negra Stopped with one Santiago got dinner and rested a while and then went to work on the water ditch Talked with him in the evening on the principles of the Gospel

" 2 - Went and hunted my horse, came back and had long talk with Cherimize on the gospel & Book of Mormon After dinner went and worked on ditch tried hold meeting night but could not

" 3 - Left Mesita Negra came to Los Ranchos de Atriscas after hunting for some time stopped with a family named Sanchez was well treated was tired and sleepy was late at night when I arrived, I had traveled over forty miles I had also kept fast day. that is I had fasted thirty six hours

" 4 - Went to Danaciano Garule's, left my things went to Albuquerque bought a few things that I needed returned Lent Mr. Garule the Book of Mormon Set up late at night talking on the principles of the gospel

" 5 - Arrived at Isleta Stopped with my old friend Remijio Abeita put my horse out and got dinner wrote some went to the station, on the way found some Indians gambling and a drunken one reading the Bible to them

Feb. 6 - Sunday Spent the day in visiting with the people and talking on the principles of the Gospel

" 7 - Spent the day visiting friends & talking on the principles of the Gospel, at evening read a chapter in the Bk. of Mor, & talked on the same

" 8 - Spent the day hunting my horse

" 9 - Spent the day hunting my horse

" 10 - Hunted horse

" 11 - Hunted horse walked all day very tired at night

Feb.12 -Found my horse with a Mexican had had him all the time I was hunting him

" 13 - Done some talking on the Gospel & Book of Mormon. I went several times to see the Gov. about holding meeting but could not find him seen him in the evening he assured me that I could hold meeting but did not know just when

" 14 - Done some talking on the gospel also lent two Bks. of Mor. Also sold my horse to Jose P Abeita for $25.00 cash

" 15 - Done some talking on the gospel visited among the people

" 16 - Visited talked some on the Gospel visited the Governor asked him again about meeting he said yes when they got over their hurry of business

" 17 - Fasted and Prayed the day was cold and windy

" 18 - Went visiting among the people but did but little talking Most of the People went to put the water in the aceguia Went and seen them dance in the evening

" 19 - Bathed in the after noon

" 20 - Spent most of the day reading. Spent a short time watching the Indians dance. The day was cold & windy

" 21 - About 1 O clock in the morning Brother Gilbert D Greer came. I was glad to see him, as I had been alone for a month and a half We spent the day looking around and visiting the people and also introduced Bk of Mor to the Governor

" 22 - Left Remijio Abeita's house, went to live with Vicente Jiron. Went and worked in the field helped him make ditch. It was a very cold and windy day

" 21 - Worked with him in the field

" 24 - Worked in the field

" 25 - Worked in the field until after noon very windy and cold

Feb. 26 - Chopped some wood. Bathed and changed clothes, and asked two men for the use of a house to hold meeting in, they refused.

" 27 - Sunday fasted and prayed

" 28 - Chopped some wood, wrote some During this month I had prayed and asked a blessing on the food

March 1st - Went and worked some in the garden clearing the land

" 2 - I was not well did no work. I spent most of the day reading

" 3 - Was fast day, fasted and prayed for the Spirit of the Lord to guide us

" 4 - Was quite unwell

" 5 - Went and worked til noon in the field after noon wrote letters chopped wood, Bathed,

" 6 - Rested, and talked some with the governor, Many of the people went hunting rabbits.

" 7 - Went and helped Vicente gather his stock and bring them to this side of the river

" 8 - Helped Vicente irrigate wheat, it was cold and windy

" 9 - Helped work on the acequia, in the fore noon, after noon gathered some wood, and rested

" 10 - Went and helped plow and make Borders

" 11 - Worked in the field til noon

March 12 - Worked till noon, in the after noon wrote Bathed & read

" 13 - Rested, Sunday

" 14 - Worked in the a vineyard uncovering grape vines

" 15 - Went to Albuquerque and returned the same day

" 16 - Went with Vicente to work in the field, both rode one mule worked until noon

" 17 - Worked some and read some and rested some

" 18 - Plowed some ground for a garden and planted some seed for Vicente Jiron

" 19 - Worked in the garden, helped him put in a water Box to draw water from the acequia and also planted some garden. in the after noon irrigated the garden, I also Bathed.

" 20 - Sunday spent the day in fasting and prayer that the Lord would help us in our labors, and make known our duties more plain. we also tried to obtain a house to hold meeting in but failed

" 21 - I helped the lady of the house fix up a pig pen, with mud and rock.

" 22 - Quite cold did not do much work, Wrote a letter for the folks to their son in Carlisle school,

" 23 - Worked some helping around the house

March 24 - In the fore noon worked uncovering grape vines, In after noon helped plow in some melons and other ground.

" 25 - Helped plant some melons and make some borders for Irrigation. Also got a letter from home which contained considerable news, and that J.R.P. Pippin son had had some difficulty and had left that part of the country

March 26 - About noon the man that I stopped with, Vicente Jiron being drunk began to kick his wife, I stopped him, and talked to him and thought he would not do any more but he then caught her by the hair and threw her down hurting her arm badly, and again began to kick her, he became very angry but I did all I could to prevent him from abusing her. I succeeded in settling the fight, it was a sad affair.

Mar 27 - Sunday Spent the day in reading and writing We also administered the sacrament to one another.

" 28 - Went to Albuquerque to get half fare on the A&P R.R. Succeeded in getting it. Walked there and back from Isleta distance 12 miles.

" 29 - Spent the day getting ready to go home stayed at the A.&P. junction waited until 4 O clock for the train

March 30 - Came on the A.&P. R.R. from A&P junct. to Fort Wingate distance 134 miles met TG Neilson at Wingate. Come from there home with him the same day, arrived at 9pm. found my family well except my Wife she was not very well

- " 31 Met Brothers EA Teitjen & Jovan Apostle Young had some talk with. Spent most of the day resting.

Apr 1st - Went to Savoia to help move my sister's household furniture to Ramah and done some other work

" 2 - helped to move some of SL Pipkins things from my house to hers (his sister Sarah)

" 3 - Went to meeting in Ramah spoke and gave some accts of my mission

" 4 - Met with some of the missionaries and Bros. Joven and Teitjen in council. Bro Joven was very much in favor of sustaining Ramah and also wanted the missionaries to do what they could among the Lamanites and for myself & GD Greer to go to the Pueblos and bare our testimony to the Lamanites in that part of the country and that we should have money to pay our way so that we need not work for them unless we wanted to & that he did not want the mission abandoned

" 18th April - I continued to work around home putting in some garden and doing some other work

" 19 - We had a nice rain which was very much needed

" 20 - Commenced to sow wheat

" 30 - Finished sowing wheat. Also made some garden and done some other work

May 5th - My son SE got kicked on the forehead with a horse which made an ugly gash

May 1st to 12 - Continued working putting in a crop but at that time it got so dry that I quit

" 10 - I went to chopping sawlogs to make lumber

" 13 - Finished planting potatoes

" 16 - Went on the mountain to hunt a cow hunted two days but did not find her

" 19 - Went to chop again, It also rained a little no rain for months before

May 27- We had a good rain the first good rain for months

" 28 - Worked on the sawmill

" 30 - Laid out the foundation for a house and dug out the trench

June 1st - Helped dig a grave for a child of Bro JS Harris's

June 2nd - Being fast day I fasted and went to meeting and to the funeral of the child of Bro JS Harris

June7th - Commenced to fix my well which had caved in so that I could not get any good water

June 8th - Finished my well, the water was good

June 9 & 10 - Worked in my garden

" 14 - Started to conference in company with Wm F James & family, we traveled about 30 miles & camped

" 15 - Traveled about the same distance

" 16 - Arrived in St. Johns attended the High Council meeting in which J.R.P. Pipkin was excommunicated from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

" 17 - Attended the Conference of the YM & YLM.I.A. Also in the After noon went to Women's conference much good instruction was given at both meetings

June 18 & 19 - I attended the General conference of the eastern Arizona stake of Zion. The main speakers was Apostles B Young LM Lyman JH Smith of the Council of Twelve Apostles Also JN Smith LH Hatch JW Crosby from Panguitch & I Riddle. There was a number of subjects spoke on, which was very interesting to the Saints

June 20 - Started home arrived on the 22nd with a give out team The rest of the month I spent working at home

" 29 - JRP Pipkin arrived at Ramah from Mexico

July 12 - I commenced to work on the Ramah meetinghouse repairing it. It rained considerable during this week

" 16 - Apostles B Young JH Smith & also two other Bros. JW Crosby I Riddle arrived at Ramah

July 17 - I celebrated my 33rd birthday by going to meeting at the Ramah meeting house at ten O clock and listened to the remarks of the Apostles & Brethren which was very interesting also went to meeting at 2 O clock in after noon B Young occupying most of the time, he Promised the Saints riches and Blessings if they would serve the Lord

July 18 - Sowed Barley

July 19 - Planted corn

July 23rd - went to the Celebration of the 24 of July which was celebrated by the Sunday School, the entertainment was a very agreeable one.

July 24 - Went to Sunday School in the morning at 10 O clock, taught a Class, at 2 O clock went to meeting and was called on to speak

Aug 4th - Kept the fast day. Went to Priesthood meeting in the morning and was appointed to go and visit Prise Pipkin as a teacher

" 6 - Went and visited Price Pipkin in company with JR Ashcroft he said he did not intend to live his religion any more

" 7 - Went to Fish springs with Ira Hatch JS Harris Wm F James JB Ashcroft and his wife We held meeting at Ramon Luna's house with six Indians & one Mexican in attendance we had a very good meeting. We then returned to Ramah and attended meeting

" 25 - Commenced cutting Wheat

" 26 - Hauled wood for slabs

" 27 - Went for Posts

" 28 - Fredrick Hamblin arrived from Alpine

" 30 - My family started with my wife's father to Alpine for the purpose of going to Utah to attend to some work in the House of the Lord. I remained at home alone. Had a hard rain

" 31 - Hauled my grain out of the field

Sept 1 - Went with Wm F James teaching in the Ramah ward also kept fast day.

" 3 - Finished hauling my grain out of the field. Also commenced a barn.
" 4 - Went to meeting Bro Teitjen occupied most of the time

" 5 - Worked on my barn

" 6 - Worked on barn

" 7 - Hauled wood for slabs

" 8 - Went to Cebollita and cut wheat for Aser Pipkin

" 9 - Worked on my barn

From 9 to 18th - Spent my time improving at home improving some and tending my crop

" 19 - I arose early got breakfast cut some Lucerne, and then attended the funeral of the Child of Bishop McNeil, which was held in his own house at about 11 O clock a m, afternoon I went and got some Lumber and done some work on my barn

Sept 20 - Went in the Cebollita canyon and cut wheat for E.A. Teitjen

" 21 - In fore noon went and cut wheat for E.A. Teitjen

" 22 - Worked with Bro. Tenney digging out rock from an old ruin on the public square of Ramah, for a house

" 23 - After Breakfast I churned I had about 5 lbs butter, I then hunted my horses, then racked some lucerne hay I then hauled it and cut some more that grew in my lot, I cut it with a scythe

"24 - Washed my clothes, got a load of wood for a load of slabs, worked around home some, Bathed in the evening

" 25 - Herded cows

" 26 - I worked making a stable, also two Mexicans county officers came and ate dinner at my house

Sept 27 - Went in the Cebollita Canyon and cut corn for J.S. Harris

" 28 - Hunted for a horse in the fore noon found him, Worked at home in the afternoon

"29 - Worked at home at different jobs, quite a frost last night the hardest of the autumn

"30 - Fore noon hauled some squash and corn afternoon worked on my stable

Oct 1 - Arose at 4 O clock churned and got breakfast and worked the rest of the day at my barn

" 2 - Went to Sabbath school at 10 O clock a m, at 2 O clock Pm attended meeting. the speakers was myself and JR McNiel

" 3 - Worked on my barn

" 4 - spent the day working on the stable at evening went teaching in the ward Also went to meeting of the Y.M.I A. and was voted in as president

" 5 - Worked on my barn and stable and finished them, and then threshed out some beans and went teaching

" 6 - It being a day set apart for fasting and prayer, I fasted prayed, worked some during the day

" 7 - Commenced to dig my potatoes

Sept 8th - Churned, and washed my clothes in the fore noon and dug potatoes in the after noon

"9 - I went to Sabbath School assisted in administering the sacrament of the Lord's super taught a class and spoke to the school on the subjects of nicknaming one an other and using slang phrases

"10 - Worked hard digging Potatoes

" - " " " "

" - " " " "

"13 - Worked for E J Tenney, hauled corn fodder

"14 - Dug my beets had about 16 bushels

"15 - Finished digging Potatoes

"16 - Went to Sabbath School and meeting.
"17 - Worked digging carrots

"18 - Finished digging my carrots also attended the meeting of the YMMIA we had a very good meeting

Up to the 23rd - continued to work about home at various jobs

" 25 - Commenced to work for the Tithing putting in a foundation for a barn 28 x 50 ft

" 29 - Continued to work on the foundation of the Tithing barn.
" 30 - Went to Sabbath School & meeting as usual, also visited some as a teacher

"31 - Finished the foundation and then went with Brothers Teitjen and James to look at some corn that had been ate and destroyed by Bro Aser Pipkin's cows

Nov 1st - Went and chopped some house logs

" 2 - Plastered my house

" 3 - Observed fast day

" 4 - Went and chopped house logs

" 7 - Went to Wingate and traded an old horse for an old wagon, and returned home on the 9th

"11 - I started to Alpine to bring my family home Arrived there on the 16th found my family well, and started home on the 18th and arrived on the 23rd, we had two days of rainy weather

December 18th - Up to this time I worked at home hauling wood and improving

" 19 - Started with lumber to Gallup to sell, Traveled with Bro. EA Teitjen was gone four days sold my lumber for $24 dollars per thousand feet. We had very cold weather Bro Teitjen frosted his feet

Dec 24th - a fine daughter born

"29 - Apostle Brigham Young arrived at Ramah Weather cold and stormy

For 1888
Jan 1st - I went to meeting at the Ramah Ward. I officiated in the administering of the sacrament also met with Apostle B. Young and others in council, he again counseled me to continue to labor at home for the support of my family

Up to the 11th - I worked at home hauling wood etc. the weather being cold & stormy most of the time

Jan. 24 - Up to this time I worked at home, up to date I hauled 16 loads of wood. I also worked today threshing wheat, pounding it out with a stick During the month of January I hauled 18 loads of fencing

Source: The original journal of S. E. Lewis

Samuel Edward Lewis is
#2 on Chart 3

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