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Helen Katherine Kirkpatrick (1909-1983)
married 1930
Roland Larson (1901-1986)

"Doc" & Helen

Roland Henry Larson
5 weeks old

Telegram from Helen's Uncle
Joseph Clinton Henry
said "Name him Henry,
money follows."

Helen, Henry, Roland

Henry about 4, camping
in Oak Creek Canyon

Something about pioneers?

Henry about 9
Globe AZ

trip to Nogales 1949

Eagle Scout Badges

Missionary picture
Argentina 1955

Henry in Marine Reserves

1955 Blaze, Henry, Helen, Roland

Blaze always had to have the last word. When scolded and sent to his bed, the little terrier would obey but after a minute or two you'd hear a tiny "wuff." It became a family joke to "wuff" if you disagreed with someone. Actually, wuff can mean just about anything depending on your expression and tone of voice.

Helen & Roland

The house in Tucson

Helen and Roland

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- Photos and info courtesy of Henry & Dwyn Larson

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