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Francis Lovett (abt 1792-abt 1873)
Evangeline (Evalina) Burris ( - )
their children:

John Lovett
  b Aug 6,1830 Campbell Co, TN
  m to Elizabeth Delana Harmon

Joshua David Lovett
  b May 5, 1833 Campbell Co, TN
  m Lucinda Harmon

Ciotha Lovett
  b abt 1840 Campbell Co, TN
  m to Samuel Harmon

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From 1860 census page:

Alexander Lovett
  b abt 1835 TN
  m Elizabeth _____

Catherine b abt 1840


Joshua David Lovett

Joshua David Lovett
(their page)

Lucinda Harmon

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Francis Lovett (1792 - after 1860)
1850 census - age 58 - farmer - 17th subdivision - Campbell - TN
      - wife Hannah 44 - children at home: Joshua 16, Alexander 14, Catherine 9, Hannah Miller
      (second wife and stepdaughter?)

1860 census - age 70 - farmer - Russell Township - Macon - MO
      - children at home: Catherine 19.
      Sons John, Joshua and Alexander with their families live next door to each other and him.


Gloria Fay {Harmon} Burris Sun Nov 3 1996 My ggg grandparents were Hiram HARMON b abt 1804 NC & d bef 1890 Campbell Co, TN m Oct 25, 1828 Knox Co, TN and Sarah "Sally" YORK b abt 1801 NC & d bef 1860 Campbell Co, TN. I think 5 of their children moved to MO. They were: Elizabeth Delana Harmon b Jun 2, 1832 CC, TN & d. Apr 18, 1873 Macon Co, MO m Sept 5, 1848 CC TN John LOVETT. Lucinda Harmon b Jun 2, 1834 CC TN & d Nov 20, 1887 Wichita, KS {lived in MO] m Joshua David Lovett. Samuel Harmon b abt 1839 & d MO m 1st Rebecca Yount, 2nd Ciotha Lovett. Aaron Harmon b abt 1842 & d MO. Isaac Marion Harmon b Mar 10, 1848 & d MO m Jan 11, 1866 Anderson Co, TN Paralee Slover.

Gloria's updated page 2008 HIRAM HARMON was born abt 1804 Randolph Co NC & died before 1890 Campbell Co TN. He married October 25, 1828 Knox Co TN to Sarah "Sallie" YORK born abt 1801 Randolph Co NC & died before 1853 Campbell Co TN. Hiram fathered [11] known children by this union. He married 2nd, December 4, 1853 Campbell Co TN to Rebecca ROACH, [4] children. "Vol 7, No 1, P. 15 of the Randolph Co NC Quarterly," Court of Pleas of Q Sessions Aug term 1808; ordered that Hiram [HERMAN] Harmon, 3 years old be bound to John AMICK who is to give him when he arrives to the age of 21 a horse & saddle & bridle worth $60 & a good suit of clothes for Sunday. William HARMON was listed in the 1803 Randolph Co NC Tax List. He was the only Harmon that may have died in Randolph Co prior to 1808. Listed in the 1790 Randolph Co NC Census Records. Leonard Harmon 03 00 03 00 00 William Harmon 01 01 01 00 00 Listed in the 1791-1809 Randolph Co NC Census Records. George Harmon 21010-30010-00 Jacob Harmon 31010-00010-00 Leonard Harmon 00001-20101-00 Mathias Harmon 41101-21101-00 Not all information in these lineages have been VERIFIED.Use the information at your own discretion. Gloria Fay Burris 222 Cumberland View Estates Lake City, Tennessee 37769 A-United States 865-426-6121

LOVETT Ciotha Date of birth: ABT 1840 Place of birth: TN Date of death: Jul 1860 Place of death: Campbell Co, TN Husband: Samuel Harmon Place of marriage: Campbell Co, TN Date of marriage: 2 Jan 1859 (shutdown)

- Photos courtesy of Henry Larson
- Research and census pages courtesy of Dwyn Larson


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