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Joseph Clark Kirkpatrick
married 17 May 1874
Martha F. Walton

(12 Apr 1858 - 25 Oct 1906)

Eda May
b 20 Oct 1875
d 29 April 1898
m Harry E Spafford

16 June 1879 - 1965
m Clem Killion

b 1882
m Byron Engle

b 14 Oct 1883
d 1915
m Mary F Riley

Arlington Vandervere
about 14

Arlie about 17

Arlington V. married (their page) Mary Florence

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1880 Census - June - Grant City, Worth, MO
      Joseph Clark Kirkpatrick 28 - blacksmith
      Martha F. 21 - wife, keeping house
      Eda May 4,
      Zella 1

1883 Birth Record
      Arlington V. Kirkpatrick - 14 Oct - Grant City, Worth, MO
      Martha F. Walton 25 - mother, fourth child
      Joseph C. Kirkpatrick 32 - father, blacksmith
      C.R. Hunt, physician (interesting because her mother Mary Catherine was a Hunt (her father Elihu Hunt was a physican) and Martha was born in Huntsville IN)

Conflicting dates on Arlie: tombstone says he was born in 1884, records the doctor made say 1883 but baby not named. In 1900 census the mother states she had 4 children of whom 3 are still living. (Eda May died 1898. Cemetery Record ) So Arlie was born in 1883.

1900 Census - June - Union Township, Worth, MO
      Joseph Clark Kirkpatrick b 1852 age 49, blacksmith
      Martha F 43, wife, keeping house, has had 4 children 3 living
      Zella 19, (turned 20 sometime in June)
      Maudie 18, b'day in Oct, music teacher
      Arlington V. looks like 12, but has to be 15 in Jume, 16 in Oct, salesman, dry goods

Martha Newspaper Obituary 1906
Kirkpatrick, Mrs. Martha (nee Walton) Died 25 Oct 1906 in Grant City. She was born 12 Apr 1858 in Huntsville, Randolph Co, Indiana. She came with her parents to Grant City, 20 Sept 1859. She married J.C. Kirkpatrick, 17 May 1874. Three girls and one boy were born & living are: Zella (Mrs. Clem Killion); Maude (Mrs. Byron Engle) & Arlington, now living in Colorado, for his health. Eda May, the oldest, died 8 years ago. She also leaves her mother, 2 brothers & 2 sisters. Burial at Grant City.

- Photos courtesy of Henry Larson
- Research and census pages courtesy of Dwyn Larson

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    Joseph Clark Kirkpatrick
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