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Elihu H. Hunt (1814)
______ Day ( - )


2nd wife -
Elihu married

Susan Paschell
26 August


children at home:

   Mary 14
   Melina 2
   Not Named 7 mo.


children at home:

  Greely 11
  Alice 9,
  Benton 8,
  Evangeline 6,
  Jessie 4,
  Lincoln 2


children at home:

  Greely W. 21,
  F. A. (Alice) 19,
  Benton 18,
  Evangaline 16,
  Jessie 14,
  Emma M. 10,
  Lincoln 11,
  Mary J. 8,
  Flora 3,
  Ida B. 5,
  Willie 1


children at home:

  Benton S. 26,
  Emma M. 19,
  Mary J. 17,
  Ida B. 15,
  Flora 13,
  William M. 10,
  Charles C. 4

close each window below - or the next one comes up empty

Elihu H. Hunt
1850 census - age 36, physician - Huntsville, Randolph, IN
1860 census - age 48, farmer - Township A66, Gentry, MO
1870 census - age 56, physician - Fletchall Township, Worth, MO
1880 census - age 66, preacher - Tilden Township, Osborne, KS

Susan Paschell - second wife
1850 census - age 17, keeping house - a teenage step-daughter and two babies,
     two lodgers: William Reed 20, no trade or profession, Henry Shepherd 17, blacksmith.
1860 census - age 27, keeping house - the baby got a name, Melina died? - she had four more kids. Mary
     has married and lives next door. Little Martha knows grandpa lives next door. Is Susan grandma at 27?
1870 census - age 37, keeping house - 11 kids at home but two are out of sequence in birth order.
     Someone other than the mother probably gave the names and ages. Or someone else's kids have been
     added to the family?
1880 census - age 47, keeping house - only 7 kids at home


We went to and looked for Elihu H. Hunt. We found his marriage date to Susan Paschell,
26 Aug 1847 so we know the two babies are hers. It was not unusual for girls to marry quite young in special circumstances.  Motherless Mary Ann Chapman 16, was working live-in as a mother's helper when she met and married James Richey 39.

To duplicate this search:
We found more about Susan by looking for more about Elihu.

Go to:
first name: elihu h
last name: hunt
event: choose birth/christening
year: 1814
choose: exact year
choose: United States
choose: Kentucky

In the list for Elihu look at 10., 11., 13. (where Susan is mentioned).

At this point you do a lot of clicking: click on 10, click on Susan, click on pedigree, go back one and click on family. Try everything just to get a feel for these records and the way familysearch does things.

The name of the submitter is sometimes given - if you want to contact them for their sources. (The addresses may be outdated.) Was Susan this person's great great grandmother so they know her name? Is there a will, a marriage license, some original piece of paper? Only by asking questions will you find answers.

- Research and census pages courtesy of Dwyn Larson

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