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John Kirkpatrick ( 1825-1880)
Elizabeth Orr ( 1822-1921)

10 of their 13 children




Joseph Clark



Juliet (Ettie)



Catherine (Cassie)

Joseph Clark Kirkpatrick

Martha F. Walton

Charles Kirkpatrick and his wife Zadie, and their son Orr Kirkpatrick
(see their dates below - cemetery). Photo taken about 1910
(Orr was born 1899 - looks about 11).

Elizabeth was living with them in 1900, died 1921.

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John Kirkpatrick (1825-1880)
1850 census - age 27 - blacksmith - Blue Creek Township, Adams, Indiana
      Children at home: William 4, Margaret 2, Sarah 1, Joseph 15 (maybe his brother, or a nephew?)
1860 census - age 37 - blacksmith - Pleasant Township, Appanusa, Iowa
      Children at home: William 14, Sarah 11, (Joseph) Clark 9, Charles 3, Frank 1
1880 census - age 57 - blacksmith - Grant City, Worth, MO
      Children at home: Charles 22, Franklin 21, Ettie 19, John 16, Mathilda 14, Catherine 10
      (His will is probated a few days after he dies - sometime in the last half of the year - from another source)

Elizabeth Orr (1822-1921)
1850 census - age 24 - keeping house - three little kids and a teenager
1860 census - age 35 - keeping house - Margaret must have died, three more kids have been born (one
      named after Joseph), Joseph either grew up (he'd be about 25) or died
1880 census - age 54 - keeping house - Grant City, Worth, MO
      She has 6 children at home plus a boarder William Stevenson 21 who works as a bank clerk,
      two darling little granddaughters (Clark & Martha's) who live in the same town,
      but this year her husband dies
1900 census - age 74 - She's living with Charles and Zadie. She's had 13 children, 9 are living.

Joseph Clark Kirkpatrick (1851-1936)
1880 census - age 28 - blacksmith - Grant City, Worth, MO
      Married to Martha F. Walton, two children: Eda May 4, Zella 1

Charles Sumner Kirkpatrick (1858-1943)
1880 census - age 22 - blacksmith - Grant City, Worth, MO
      Unmarried, lives at home
1900 census - age 41 - lumber salesman - Fletchall Township, Worth, MO
      Wife Zadie is 24, son Orr is 1, his mother Elizabeth Orr lives with them

Grant City Cemetery
Fletchall Township, Worth Co., MO

KIRKPATRICK Arlington V. 1884 1915    (father of Helen Kirkpatrick)    (son of Joseph Clark Kirkpatrick)
KIRKPATRICK Charles 1858 1943    (brother to Joseph Clark Kirkpatrick)
KIRKPATRICK Elizabeth 1825 1921    (maiden name Orr, wife of John Kirkpatrick, below)
KIRKPATRICK John 1822 1880    (husband of Elizabeth Orr Kirkpatrick, above)
KIRKPATRICK Martha F. 1858 1906    wife of J. C. (maiden name Walton)
KIRKPATRICK Orr 1899 1956    (son of Charles Kirkpatrick, above)
KIRKPATRICK Zadie 1876 1954    (wife of Charles Kirkpatrick, above)
(parenthesis information added)

1876 Special Census, Worth County, Missouri, Fletchall Township
John Kirkpatrick

From booklet printed by Northwest Missouri Genealogical Society
P. O. Box 382
St. Joseph, Missouri 64502

- Photos courtesy of Henry Larson
- Research and census pages courtesy of Dwyn Larson

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