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Elna Malmstrom Larson (1826-1914)

Elna's Story

“After I heard the gospel I became converted to the Mormon faith and was baptized June 6, 1856 I was born in the town of Lund 13 February 1826 and was reared in the Lutheran Church I was fairly well educated as for school in those days Our books was the Bible and we was taught to obey the ten commandments

After I became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Then our friends began to turn against me but it made no difference to me I knew the gospel was true and I felt to rejoice and praise the Lord for sending the Glorious Truth and Light

Now long before I got to see a Mormon and heard him explain their faith I was anxious to see one and hear them preach as I had heard so much about them of which I found out to be false but I had no fun as I expected I would have there was no fun for me I had to go back and study my Bible

I could find no fault with their teachings Three years after I was baptized my husband and my brother Jacob J. Malmstrom and his family left Sweden and emigrated to America March 1859 Came to Liverpool 7 day of April 1859 for New York and North America in the Ship William Tapscott then after that we found ourselves at Florence on the banks of the Missouri River with our three children Betsy Larson Carter 6 years old, and Carolin Larson Robbins 4 years old, Lehi 2 years old when we were preparing ourselves to cross the plains on the ninth day of June 1859 Our company consisting of two hundred thirty five souls, sixty handcarts and six ox teams and wagons started to cross the plains bound for the Salt Lake Valley Then we reached the Salt Lake Valley in the middle of September 1859

It was a hard journey for us to undertake we had ever so many ups and downs on the road we had some times to camp without any water and many times to go to bed without any supper for the lack of flour other times Indians would trouble us we had no one to blame we had our own choice we had our own free will to take this journey through the wilderness so we could be gathered together with the Saints of God "

The life of my mother – her maiden name Ellen Malmstrom

Copied by E.J.L. Smith (Copy found in Church Archives under name of Jessie _ _ Smith, Papers, Reminiscences of Ellen Malmstrom Larson.

  Her name is #3 on Chart 2

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