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Mary Ann Chapman (1872-1973)
James Moroni Richey (1848-1930)

L to R:
Top: Forest, Hugh, Lou, Bessie, Forest
Middle: Hugh, Leigh, Josephine, Lou
Bottom: Leigh, Bessie, Josephine
about Jan 1903

Mary Lucinda

James Welcome

Elinor Ruth

Moroni Forest


John Montgomery

Emily Elizabeth

Leigh Montrose



Leslie Jay


L to R: Mary Ann, Josephine, Leigh, Bessie,
cousin Norman (Lizzie's) about 1904

Rone and Mamie
"the dear old house"
on the farm at Richville AZ

Forest, Josephine, Bessie, Vivian, Daisy about 1919

Forest, Roy, Jay, Leigh,
Rone about 1919

Rone, Mamie, Daisy about 1924

Vivian, Daisy, Jay about 1917

Rone and Mamie
about 1917

Leigh, Vivian, Josephine, Jay, Rone, Mamie, Bessie,
Lou, Hugh, Daisy in front
This was taken New Years Day 1918 when Forest
came from Camp Kearney on leave

Bessie, Mary Ann, Lou, Vivian,
front: Josephine, Daisy

Mary Ann at the old house
in St. Johns

New house in St. Johns (with two rent houses).

It faced the church across the high school football field. High school at far right. Church and school
faced Main Street.

Lou & Roy

Forest & May

Hugh & Nellie

Bessie & Biness

Leigh & Luella

Josephine & Golden

Vivian & Clarence

Jay & Mable

Daisy & Ivan

Mary Ann's letter to her dear ones
(pg 1, 2, 3)

Mary Ann's letter to her dear ones
(pg 4, 5)

- Photos, life stories and letters courtesy of Dwyn Larson

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On This Page

    James Moroni Richey
    Mary Ann Chapman

  children and spouses:

    Mary Lucinda Richey
    married James Leroy Stradling

    Moroni Forest Richey
    married Mary Eliza Nielsen

    Hugh Richey
    married Nellie Magnolia Nielsen

    Emily Elizabeth Richey
    married Biness Harvey Sradling

    Leigh Montrose Richey
    married Rhoda Luella Knudsen

    Josephine Richey
    married Golden Farr

    Vivian Richey
    married Clarence Rencher

    Leslie Jay Richey
    married Mable James

    Daisy Richey
    married Ivan Merriman Lewis

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