Mary Ann Chapman (1872-1973)
James Moroni Richey (1848-1930)

L to R:
Top: Forest, Hugh, Lou, Bessie, Forest
Middle: Hugh, Leigh, Josephine, Lou
Bottom: Leigh, Bessie, Josephine
about Jan 1903

Mary Lucinda

James Welcome

Elinor Ruth

Moroni Forest


John Montgomery

Emily Elizabeth

Leigh Montrose



Leslie Jay


L to R: Mary Ann, Josephine, Leigh, Bessie,
cousin Norman (Lizzie's) about 1904

Rone and Mamie
"the dear old house"
on the farm at Richville AZ

Forest, Josephine, Bessie, Vivian, Daisy about 1919

Forest, Roy, Jay, Leigh,
Rone about 1919

Rone, Mamie, Daisy about 1924

Vivian, Daisy, Jay about 1917

Rone and Mamie abt 1917

Leigh, Vivian, Josephine, Jay, Rone, Mamie, Bessie,
Lou, Hugh, Daisy in front
New Years Day 1918 - Forest on leave from Camp Kearney