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Welcome Chapman Jr. (1849-1900)
Mary Adaline Potter (1854-1874)
  L to R:   Welcome Chapman Jr.;
  Mary Ann Chapman; Mary Adaline Potter

their children:

Mary Ann b 1872
Elizabeth Amelia b 1874

The child is Elizabeth Amelia Chapman; the
woman is probably Catherine Ann Stayner
who took care of her after her mother died.

top: Agnes Kilpatrick McDonald
right: Mary Ann Chapman
bottom: Elizabeth Amelia Chapman

Agnes                       "Lizzie"

Mary Ann's Story Part 1

Agnes was the step-sister when her mother
Harriet Zelnora Marsden McDonald became
the second wife of Welcome Jr.

Mary Ann
married (their page)

James Moroni Richey

"Lizzie" and Mary Ann "Mamie"

Mary Ann, Lizzie


- "About Welcome" courtesy of Alvin Rencher

- Photos and Mary Ann's Story courtesy of Dwyn Larson

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   Mary Adaline Potter
    Welcome Chapman Jr.

  2 daughters:
    - Mary Ann Chapman
James Moroni Richey

    - Elizabeth Amelia Chapman

    ?? Catherine Ann Stayner
    Agnes Kilpatrick McDonald

     Mary Ann's Story Part 1
     About Welcome