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Mary Ann Chapman's Story
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Jay & Mable had moved to Kodiak Island, he had work there. Then Jay's work took him to Anchorage. Leigh went & worked one summer. I missed them so much.

I can't do all I want to now but do all I can to keep going, to keep from being helpless. I want to be useful & helpful. Every one is kind & helpful. I am happy with the love of my dear ones. I am happy that they try to serve the Lord in their offices & callings & teach their children, taking them to church with them. I am thankful Daisy & family have built onto my house to be with me. I am getting more feeble but keep house for myself to keep fit & do things as I feel like doing. They are a big help to me. I have the rent of my houses to live on & store food as I can, just a little at a time. All of mine are storing & tending to their church duties which makes me happy. I rejoice in my dear ones faithfulness & kindness to me. Daisy often asks me in to eat Supper. When I do I always stand up to pile up the plates to help a little. I was slipping from one chair to another when I missed the chair I intended to sit on & fell & twisted as I fell & it broke my leg, so I was taken to the hospital. It cost 10 dollars for the Ambulance, but it is an easy ride.   A bone Specialist was called from Phoenix and it was operated on Wednesday. I am thankful I was not in much pain and didn't have to have a cast.

One time as I was in Sacrament Meeting the bread was spilled. It bothered me & I kept thinking the Deacons would step on it as they came back. I was urged to go pick it up. I couldn't bear to think of its being stepped on, when a Voice said to me "Pick it up & you will be healed." I saw a small cloud come down to me from the Pulpit, that is a strong testimony to me. I saw the cloud & heard the words so plain & went & picked the bread up.
93 but the medicine gave me bowel trouble & I suffered much with that. The Drs. & nurses were very kind & many friends came to see me. My children are so good to me. As Daisy had flu, Vivian & Lou got me taken to Vivians. As soon as Daisy was at all able she took me home while she was still weak from Flu & had cleaned the house so nice when she wasn't able, to have it nice for me. For she knew Vivian wasn't able to do for me & Vivian was trying because she knew Daisy wasn't yet able. They are all so sweet to me & Daisy is so patient. I am still wondering why this trial had to come to us. My dear ones are stretching their means to help pay the Drs & Hospital bills & can't store as they need to. It's a great trial to me to have them help me so much but I love them for it & pray they will never want for things they are not storing. As Ivan's work is at Casa Grande they are moving there & taking me. It should be good for me in that lower climate. I always felt better when I went to mesa to do research & Temple work. They made a bed in the back seat for me & I was very comfortable during the trip. They were so kind to me, all of them. I am glad I can help as the washing is brought from the line I fold it & mend everything that needs it and

mended quilts & got stronger. Josephine got me & I stayed 3 weeks with her. She & her children paid for a hearing aid for me I am so thankful for. I am told my hearing will get better in time. One day after I was back with Daisys, Ronald & family came with Josephine to visit. They had moved back from Alaska & could tell us things about Jays for they were in Anchorage together, but Jay & Mable write often. They could tell me of Forest's wife too & that Jay is overworked at his Job. So he & Forest are moving & will be in a business of their own. As the weather got so hot I didn't feel well. After a faint feeling came over me Daisy did all she could for me. She had to have an operation, I was so glad to see her get better but when I fainted they let Dwyn come to St.Johns. So she is here with me & so very sweet. I did hate to leave Daisy & pray continually that Ivan will have work here so they can stay here at home & store as they long to. Lou, Vivian & Earl came, Leigh too, he has been feeling bad for years from a fall that left him in a bad fix. Now Drs. say he can't have an operation but his blessing tells of so much there is still for him to do. I am praying as for all my dear ones to be healed. Leigh is better now, Leigh has been healed. I am so thankful Vivian is keeping up as well & that Clarence is being healed since his operation. We had a Richey Reunion with a picnic at the Cottonwood Grove at Richville on July 20th, 1958 & a meeting at night where we elected officers for the coming year. Hugh, Daisy &

I had started the Richey Family Reunion a year ago last July hoping to get it started to do research & have the help of all the Richey descendants. Many came so we hope to do what we should as a family & with the help of the Lord to find our ancestors. On September 25th, 1957 I fell & broke my leg was taken to the Hospital tenderly. My children paid for the operation. I did not suffer much pain from it & was released October 23rd. Lou & Vivian got me while Daisy was still having Flu. It was very bad but I didn't get it. I was with Vivian a few days but we all knew she isnt able to care for me. Daisy took me home as soon as she could. Jay came from Alaska to see me, stayed a week then had to go back. My children are all so good to me, Daisy feels that she should keep me & is so good to me. After 2 months I could walk on crutches & am so thankful to get around, I get stronger. Daisy soon got me home, it was so good to be home but I had good treatment at the hospital. Many friends & my children came to see me often. They still come to see me at home. Daisy is so kind & thoughtful, the children are too. I can fold some clothes & do a little mending, that makes me feel good to be some help. As Ivan's work is near Casa Grande we moved there in February 1st, 1958. I enjoyed the cool months but as it got so hot in June Dwyn went to St.Johns with me for I had fainted. So she stayed a month, then Daisy & family stayed a month as Ivans work was near by. Then Lou got me & I enjoyed staying with them

then Daisy put up pears & plums Lou gave for a week. Then we got a title to the lot & Daisy brought me back to Casa Grande where they have a comfortable home near enough to his work so he can be with his family Weekends or nightly as his work happens to be. I enjoy being with them but will be so glad when Ivan has work so we can live in our home in St.Johns where so many of my dear ones live & we have our own home. I still long to do Temple work as I used to do. I did at different times the names of 200 as I could go down fall & spring. The last few times I stayed with Josephine but she & John got a trailer house & his work took him away from Mesa. Josephine took me home for a visit & she & her children helped & got me a hearing aid. On Thanksgiving Daisy's & I spent the day with Josephine's family at Dolpha & Eddie's. Daisy & Ivan have helped me get a deed to the home in St.Johns, now I want to get my will made out for Daisy to have the lot & houses when I am gone. I wanted Vivian to have the east house on the corner of the lot, but there would always be trouble that way. So I will make out my will to Daisy, she is & all her family are so kind to me & all my children have been so kind & so helpful. I wish I could leave that much to every one of them & hope none of them will feel I am unjust or love them less. I am sorry I repeat so much but don't have time to read over what I had written. Daisy & Ivan & children are kind & good to me so are all my dear ones, as I came up to St. Johns during the hot summer. Ivan's work is in the Phoenix county & they bring me

to St.Johns summers. I stay with Lou, Vivian & Hugh, its lovely to be with them too. Aug, 1959 I am with Wayne & Helen at Farmington N. M. & enjoying them. May, Lorna & Velda & Jackie Carr - she & he bring their baby. That makes me a G. G. Great grandmother, I spent July with John & Josephine & Anthony at Valentine. They brought me to the Richey Family Reunion. In their program the Richeys honored me, my children gave the program. Laddie told of how good I cared for Moroni. I was thankful he mentioned it. I felt more of him should be mentioned. I stayed two weeks with Vivian's two, at home while Daisy cleaned house. Then a week with Hugh & Nellie, then Wayne & Helen sent for me to stay with them. I enjoyed it so much, visited with May, Lorna's & Velda's with the Knudson's & Jackie Carr & baby come to see us every week. I have been here at Wayne's a month enjoying it so much.

A Sketch of James Moroni Richeys life I want to leave for our descendants These are things Grandmother Richey (Lucinda Mangum) used to tell me about my Dear husband's youthful years before I knew him. He was born the spring after his parents arrived in Salt Lake City April 16, 1848 in the Old Fort, the first male child born in Salt Lake City. His grandmother Rebecca Mangum died at Winter Quarters. His mother had her clothes to make clothes for Moroni as the only cloth of any kind in the valley was what the people had brought with them. He was about 2 years old when his parents were called to Manti 129 miles Southwest. Indian Chief Walker & his people moved into the valLey for the winter. They would come to the houses while the families was eating, stand & wait until they finished the meal then eat all that was left, besides begging for food from house to house. Moroni would keep so still when his mother told him Indians were at the door or coming & keep so quiet till they left. There was just one hen he would watch for the daily egg that his mother cooked for him. The snow was very deep & the people had only time before winter came on to build houses. There was no shelter for cattle & the snow was very deep. The men would shovel the snow off the grass for cattle & horses. Still many died & then the indians made a feast of them, so loud & noisy that the people wondered if they were planing to kill them. With feeding the Indians their supplies ran low so a few men went out on snowshoes to S.L.City to get flour & seed to plant. James Richey was

one. When they went to Manti they took supplies to last them till harvest but Brigham Young always said "It is better to Feed the Indians than to fight them," so he sent provisions & Seed back with them. It was always a great treat for the Mormon settlers to have the Authorities visit them & all rejoiced, they cleaned the town & their homes. The Indians seeing this, that whenever they cleaned the Indians would say "Bligam comin." If told no they would say "Oh, yes Bligam comin." When Moroni saw the authorities he would say as a small child, "which is Brigham, which is Brigham?" so excited with it all. He was always kind & loving, his Bro. & Sisters loved him for it. He would give his Sisters money for clothes, all he made was given to help the family. When Moroni was 10 his Father was called to Southern Utah because he was from the south & knew how to raise Cotton & build cotton gins. First they lived on the Santa Clara River, then St. George, then to the town 5 miles east to the town of Washington as it was a better place for a cotton Gin. That is where Moroni grew to manhood. The young folks of both towns joined their parties. Moroni's father belonged to the Nauvoo Legion, as a young man Moroni joined. As the Indians would drive off cattle & horses, he with others of the legion followed to try to get them back. He had a Sweetheart, a very fine Girl, Emily Duncan, they were engaged to marry. He went with a freight team to Pioch in Navada to freight lumber from the Sawmill to the mine at Pioch.

They all had their Temple work Done In 1879.

Moroni got his endowments at Paree while there Scharlotte had a baby boy named William after his father

While he was there Emily Duncan died. He grieved very much for her but finally got to going out with other girls. Twice he was engaged but didnt marry. He worked on the St.George Temple while it was being built. his family had Chills & Fever badly in that land & decided to go to Arizona with their whole family. His oldest Sister Scharlotte's husband William Sherwood owned a saw mill. There was his sister Ruth & family, Brother Benjaman & family, sisters Emily, Elinor & Susie, Moroni & his father & mother, Ben & Charlotte, Ruth & mates got their Temple blessings. The Richeys sold their Farm 5 miles above their home in Washington, their town home & bought Cattle & horses of a fine breed. Moroni loved fine horses that held their heads high, that he had to hold back on the lines to keep them steady, that wanted to run at every chance. They got heavy wagons to haul the Saw Mill on & Oxen to pull them. Moroni drove an Ox team all the way to Arizona, that meant walking. they stopped at Paree settlement where there was good pasture for horses & Cattle for 3 months to have them in good condition for the trip. They traveled slowly,

The people moved from the St. Johns field north to the present site of St Johns

James Moroni Richey died Feb. 12, 1930 St.Johns Ariz
101 often laying over where there was grass & water. In crossing the Big Colorado River they lost some fine Stock. They were 9 months on the road coming to Arizona. Before they arrived in St Johns Apostle Wilford Woodruff who heard they were bringing a SawMill sent word from Snowflake to Sunset where they were, to go as near to St Johns & set up the SawMill to build up St Johns. They stayed in St Johns field which was north of the town as it is now & put the Sawmill 35 miles in the mountain at the Little Giant Spring & made lumber. Many of the people hauled lumber to St Johns for lumber to build their homes thus getting houses for work. In 1884 Grandfather Richey, his Sons Moroni & Ben & son-in-law John Sherwood pulled out of the Sawmill Co. got horses & Cattle & bought a big farm at Richville then called Walnut Grove. There was plenty of water that year, they raised an abundant crop of grain to pay Smith & Tee that they bought the 2 quarter Sections of land from. Ben filed on the east side of the river. Moroni on the west side where the springs were. The east side was watered by a ditch taken out of the little Colorado river 2 miles South at the Walnut Grove.

In 1885 there wasn't as much water came from the mountain because there wasn't as much snow and people were taking up homesteads at the foot of the mountain & Eager & Springerville were spreading their towns, but our little valley had the first water rights which was finally taken from it. Some Mexicans lived in the valley above our farms but finally moved away, they were not easy to get along with. As they lived on the upper end of the ditch they would steAl the water when it was the turn of the lower end of the valley, which caused trouble, but finally our relatives bought them out. So we had our S. School & meetings & enjoyed them till It was just Bro. & Sis. Neilson & our family that held meetings but we had the spirit of the Lord with us & kept them going until Moroni was getting feeble & only Jay 14 years old to help farm so we moved to St. Johns. Jay's brothers helped him get work, Vivian went to high school & worked evenings, I worked & we got along. I would help mothers when in bed with young babies, did housework for Louise Udall. Vivian finally got a job in the Anderson Drug & Merc Co. Jay freighted & all working we got along, Moroni getting more feeble until he died. (My Moroni) As I have filled the pages till I began on Moroni's life section so will continue on here as there is room.
As I came from Waynes, he & Helen brought me to St.Johns to Hugh's, they were going to the fall conference. Wayne he told me he would like to be raised in the Priesthood for wherever he moved he is put in as

President of the Elders. Then he is called to be Bishop of the Ward in Farmington so he has the higher priesthood & is very faithful in it. After my visit of a month at Wayne's I was at Hugh's till Daisy's came to St.Johns for me. Then as the July heat came they took me on to St. Johns, where Wayne & Helen got me again & has one of the biggest jobs in the church. Alden & Majorie got me to visit them & took me back. Wayne & Helen came for me again in 1960, took me by Albuquerque where I had a visit at Wanda's & saw Alden & Majorie & children, also Dale & Nancy & a months visit in the fall. Again stayed with Wayne & Helen & saw him in his Bishop duties. Hugh & Nellie wanted me to go back to them as I had been with them a month & enjoying them. Loving seeing Vivian's every day as LaVeta was preparing for her wedding. Dwyn was here. I would get Nellie to take me to Vivian's to see what I could help with. Alvin & Leonard were home & it was such a treat to see them all & see Lou & hers & Leigh's. The day Wayne & Helen & boys brought me to St.Johns, during the forenoon I was at Vivian's awhile after Wayne & Helen left for home. When Ivan & Daisy, David & Tani came they got a peach & cherry tree to plant at their new home that was at the St.Johns home, young trees, so I didn't get to see Hugh, Nellie or Lou long nor have the visit I expected as they left in about 4 hours. I had to rest all I could if I thought I could stand the trip back. I knew if the Lord

would help me I could, so we had a good trip but of course very tiring. I am enjoying Ivan & Daisy's new home, they are so good to me. My sister Lizzie writes that she remembers the good visit she & I had at Josephine's when she got Lizzie & I to visit her together at Valentine last spring. Hugh & Nellie brought Lou & Vivian from St.Johns to see her. We had all thought it would be a good chance to talk the Gospel with her but when she first got there she told us she had all the religion she wanted, so what could we do. I do long to tell her these many wonderful truths of the Gospel. I want her to be in the same kingdom with us, that kingdom she & I were born heir to. I have sent her all the 4 standard works. the Era for several years. She finally told me she did't read it & how I love to. What more can I do, only pray that she will yet accept the gospel. For years we had wished we had a Richey Family Organization & wondered how to get a Richey Organization going. Daisy & I got Hugh & Leigh to help & sent invitations to all the Richey relatives to meet in St.Johns the Saturday before the 24th of July. There is always a celebration in St.Johns so we had a meeting, Hugh took charge. It was a success & for three years we have been holding these meetings, the oldest family of the James & Lucinda Richey children taking turns taking charge. We are getting a Genealogist to do research, hoping & praying to get on the line to do the work as it should be & meeting every year to carry

on the work. I am with Daisy's family in Tucson now as the winters are pleasant but I like to visit among my children during the hot months. Josephine at Valentine. Lou, Hugh, Leigh & Vivian summers & my Grandchildren Wayne & others at Farmington & Albuquerque. I enjoy each one & they are all so kind & I love to see them all with their children around them, tending to their church duties & teaching the Gospel to their children. I am so very thankful for the faithfulness of my dear ones & pray constantly they will all be faithful. I write to my dear ones often & their letters are such a comfort to me. I would like to tell of seeing so many people three nights traveling East, I wasn't asleep. the walls of my house was no obstacle, they went close by my head like there wasn't a wall just traveling on & on hundreds & thousands of them. There was only one man that looked at me but he didn't stop, it didn't make me afraid. After looking at them for quite awhile I would go to sleep. This went on for 3 nights then I asked the Lord that I didn't see them any more & I didn't. I had often wondered where all the spirits of all the people were that had lived on the earth & wondered if I had seen some of them. These surely were not those who had work to do over there & why were they all going East they didn't stop & talk, they just all kept going East. It didn't make me nervous or afraid but I got tired of watching them. Houses, trees or my Wall wasn't in their way, they just traveled on

where my wall was & close to my head. There was one man that turned & looked at me but it didn't frighten me. I had often wondered if there was some special thing going on or if they are just waiting for us slow mortals to help them. They didnt seem intruding just going on & on. Jay's letters from Alaska tells that his son Ted is marrying a girl who is being converted so we hope she will be a true Mormon. She was baptized, we are thankful, we rejoice to see people accept the gospel. I have given a Book of Mormon to a fine couple to read, the Wilburs, hoping they will believe. How we wish every fine person would accept the gospel & wonder if we tell them enough about it. The spring of 1961 Jay being very weak, Mable & Ray now 17 started to visit us hoping the climate would improve Jays health & it did very much. As they came to California they visited their married daughter Scharlotte & came on to Las Lunas New Mexico. The climate is lower than St.Johns & Mables brother, Joseph James had a comfortable house furnished for Jay's to live in which was a blessing to them. They went to Farmington to get me, I was visiting Wayne & family enjoying seeing Wayne filling his Bishop's calling. I am so thankful for the faith- fulness of my dear ones. I had visited John and Josephine earlier at Valentine. They & as many of my children and grandchildren as can, gather at St.Johns the Saturday before the 24th of July where we have a

Richey Reunion every year. After that Ramona & her husband came by St.Johns from Los Angeles to visit her mother's brothers so as Wayne & Helen had invited me to visit them I went with Ramona & Robert to them. Alden & Majorie had gotten me for a visit earlier that summer so I got to see their family & Alden & his counselors in their little branch of Las Lunas. They are very faithful & getting a church built. Jay & Mable & Ray are in that branch & enjoy their meetings together. Ray is helping with the church building. I am so thankful Jays health is better. I am enjoying this winter 1969 with Daisy's family. Dwyn & Henry bring their sweet baby often to see us. I am able to do some useful things to help, hoping I can be helpful as long as I live. I enjoy writing to my dear ones & their letters to me are a great comfort. I am enjoying Daisy's family. As spring is here she is planting many things, like the flowers I raised & has many of my plants moved here that I had in St.Johns. April 22nd, 1962 on Easter Sunday I am 90 years old. Daisy sent invitations to all my children & grandchildren who can, to come & spend the day. Vivian brought Grant, Leonard & wife & Lou & Josephine came & her children & grandchildren from Mesa. Hugh's work was so he & Nellie could not come. Leighs & Jays couldn't come. I did enjoy those who could, so much & got many lovely letters & gifts from my dear ones. I do not remember


Easter & my birthday coming on the same day before in all these years. I am so thankful for the love & kindness of my dear ones & for the preserving care of our Heavenly Father. I am praying that as long as I live I will be useful & able to write to the absent ones & hear from them , that my mind will be clear to the end. The following Sunday I went to the Mother's Day program & to the evening Sacrament meeting. March 1963 I am with Daisy. A month before Christmas I spent with Josephine, her Anthony is finishing his mission & will go to school after. My dear ones write, some more often than others, their letters are such a comfort to me. I am so thankful for their faithfulness. Last year there were 10 babies born into the family, Floyd, Tani & Sharon found their mates & were married to good L.D.S. I am so thankful for the faith of everyone, for their kindness as I didn't get to the Richey Family Reunion last year. I felt very sad that some of mine didn't try harder to get me there. Daisy. Hugh & I worked so hard to get the organization going. Now Hugh is in charge & I know he will keep it going faithfully. December 1963 I am still with Ivan & Daisy & David in Tucson & enjoy them & all of theirs. Every one are so kind to me. I am able to go to meetings, to write to any dear ones. I am so very thankful for the strength of body & mind that I have, that I can be useful & helpful that I can see to read & sew. September 24th, Ted & wife & baby came from Alaska on their way to visit Jay & Mable. They

took me with them. I had a wonderful visit for weeks with Jay, Mable & Scharlotte's children. Jay & Mable brought me home, on our way they stayed to visit in St.Johns so I got to see most of my dear ones there. I enjoy being here & seeing Dwyn & family quite often Sharon & Ray bring their baby to see us & Tani & Paula come. Ian has been home on a furlough, he will be out of service soon to be home with us. During spring I had a good visit with Josephine & John at Valentine & their children in Mesa. Now John is down with a heart attack. I write to my dear ones often & their letters are a comfort to me. John was soon better I was 86 years old when I fell & broke one leg, I get around pretty well now. April 22nd, 1964 I am 92 years old. I stay most of the time with Ivan & Daisy but as she has had a heart attack & is in the hospital, at times I am alone with David her son at school & Ivan gone to work. As Jay & Mable came to see us I came with them to their home in Las Lunas. I am enjoying my stay with them as I do visiting with all my dear ones. Every one are so kind, I am glad I can still do useful things to help. I make jackets of pretty pieces, making them blend so the color doesn't clash then make pretty stitches on the seams, they like them. I made one for myself, a shirt each for Leigh & Jay. My dear ones are all so kind to me I am so thankful for that, for their love. They are all trying to live the gospel & teach their children to be faithful. Now in April 1965 I have made since I started 10 jackets & many cushions

& doll quilts of the bright patchwork. Daisy isn't well but does many things she likes to. Josephine, Norma, Bonnie K. & baby came to get a five generation picture. Lou & hers had one 5 years ago in St. David as they took me to get it. Now April 22nd 1965 I am 93 years old I am so very thankful for the strength of mind & body that I am blessed with, that I can do useful things to help & for the love & kindness of my dear ones. I am getting lovely messages & gifts to help me, I appreciate them all. I am glad for their letters of love & appreciation. I am praying that as long as I live I can see to read & do useful things, that I wont be in bed to be cared for on my 93rd birthday April 22nd, 1965. I am able to do useful things to help. I have 154 descendants at this time who are trying to serve the Lord, they are increasing as time goes on. I am so thankful for the faithfulness of my dear ones, praying every one will continue faithful. I enjoy doing useful things, I have made 8 or 9 jackets sewing pretty pieces on a lining as they will look nice together not clash, then I work around each piece with pretty rayon floss. It's bright & pretty. I make cushion covers that my dear ones like of this crazy patchwork. I am so glad to do other things to help, very thankful for the strength I have & for the love the kindness of my dear ones, for all these blessings I am thankful. Now as time goes on its 1966 I am 94 years old I often wonder why I am still alive. If I could do Temple work I could see why. I enjoyed

that work so much. I hope I can be a comfort to my dear ones, they are all such a comfort to me. I am with Ivan & Daisy, she feels that she should take care of me although her heart is bad. She is so very kind & considerate of me & I try to do helpful things for her. She invited my children to come for my 94th birthday, Josephine, Bonnie & sons, Mary Jo & her children came, it was so good to have these. Opal who lives here came with her two boys who are such good friends with Daisy's David. They are about the only friends David has outside of church. They live across town but we try to see each other often. I am glad Daisy has so many of her children here as she has, it's so good to see them often. I love to get letters from my dear ones & answer their letters. I keep doing useful things trying to help. Every one are so kind. It makes my life happy but I often wonder why I am here, my mate is over there waiting for me. February 1st, 1967 again I want to add a little more to this hoping it will be a help to someone. My faith grows stronger as I see the prophecies fulfilled. I hope & pray my dear ones will every one be prepared for the terrible times that are coming, with faith to understand why we have been warned to store. That every one will be ready with food, clothes also & other things we will need, to get them now while they can. I am so very thankful to see my dear ones going on having their children, for our children are the only things we can take with us into Eternity.

That they teach, watch & guide them to instill faith into their hearts. That they will have the foundation to keep diligent & faithful to see, to know what is their work. I am so thankful for the strength I have to be a help, that my mind is as clear as it is, praying that it will be right to the end. I have 7 living children, 41 grandchildren, great grandchildren, over 200 descendants. In February 1967 My Dear Mate has been gone 37 years I often wonder how much longer I will be here but I am not alone with all these dear kind children, their mates & all their dear ones to love & be loved by them. I am writing February 1967 in Tucson, Ariz. I was counting how many years it has been since I broke my leg, as I fell in Daisy's part of the home that she & Ivan built onto my home to be near me. As Ivan had work in Tucson I was gone from home so much they decided to move here. They were so very kind, so thoughtful, they brought me with them. I hope I can always be a help. Now July 1968 I am still living (at 96) I wonder why, what I can do yet, that I am staying on. What can I do to be a help. I have had a busy life for which I am very thankful, praying that as long as I live I can be helpful to these dear ones who are so kind, so helpful to me. I am keeping record of the babies my Dear ones have as I kept it of my own, they are all mine. I love them every one, praying they will be faithful as the Lord wants them to be. November 1968 I am so thankful every one of mine are trying to carry

out their work. I am not as strong as I would like to be, to be more help to my dear ones, praying I will have strength to be a help as long as I live.

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