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Memories of Grandpa & Grandma  

Janice and Larry Merrill
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I remember loving to go to Grandma Richey's home. I loved her smile and when I think of her it is always with her special smile.

She always had pillow peppermint candies and we were always welcome to have a piece. I have lots of good memories for that time of my life.

     Grandma in front of her house.

Grandma's house in St.Johns
and the two rent houses (before the willow tree)

We lived in one of her little rent houses once and loved to play under her weeping willow tree. I still to this day have a fondness of willow trees.

When she was placed in a nursing home it was hard on me. I always felt guilty for not taking her into my home. I know that all her children were pretty old too and we all had lots of growing children in our homes. She was a special Grandma.

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