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Memories of Grandpa & Grandma  

Erin Farr
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  Grandma wrote:

Sat. Aug. 27, 1949
(St.Johns, at home)
I went to the Old Folks Party and had a good time with old friends but was very tired. Josephine brought me home when she brought Erin and Anthony to bed.

Thurs. Dec. 8, 1949
(Mesa, at Josephines's)
John and Norma came and left their children. They took Josephine shopping. I tended children and washed dishes. I went with Josephine and children to an opera.

Tues. Nov. 20, 1951
(Mesa, at Josephines's)
I went to the Library today in a taxi that Erin called for me. I searched all day and didn't find any direct line. I had a nice visit with Erin and Anthony.

Thurs. June 12, 1952
(St.Johns, at home)
Yesterday word came that Erin had died of a heart attack, so some of us will go to be with Josephine: Leigh, Ramona, Vivian and Daisy. Lou brought white sweet peas. I have roses and other flowers they will pack in ice and take, leaving at 4 a.m. tomorrow.

Sat. June 14
(St.Johns, at home)
I prepared to have one prayer of our family at my house. Daisy, Vivian, and Ramona came back from Erin's funeral with Leigh. It was a comfort to Josephine. I wanted to go so very badly but just didn't feel able. She feels so bad to know that she didn't know Erin's heart was bad at the time.

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