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Memories of Grandpa & Grandma  

Earl Stradling
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  Grandma wrote:

Lou and Roy lived at the Chilcott Ranch, where Roy was foreman for several years before he died, January 20, 1949. Afterwards Lou, Doris, and Nadine moved to their home in St. Johns. Frank was made foreman of the ranch, and Earl stayed to work at the ranch.

Sun. May 8, 1949
(St.Johns, at home)
Lou came and took me home, so I spent the

afternoon with her, and then she was going back to the ranch with Earl to help with Floy and baby.

Sun. June 19, 1949
Earl came for me, so I had a visit with Lou. I got to see Frank's and Floy's baby.

Sun. Oct. 9, 1949
It is snowing some early this morning. Lou and Earl took me to see how Nellie's back is. She is better, but Vivian is sick.

Wed. Sept. 27, 1950
I went to Lou's. Frank and Earl are fixing her house for a cement finish outside.

Sun. Oct. 1, 1950
Lou took me home from Sunday School and fast meeting to dinner. Earl brought me home to rest.

Sun. Jan. 13, 1952
Lou and Earl came, and we had a nice visit. They took me to meeting.

Sun. Feb. 10, 1952
We had hail and rain. Earl brought me from meeting.

Thurs. Feb. 21, 1952
Lou came and said Earl is sick with the flu. [She] was happy over the blessing Bro. Rencher gave Earl when he administered to him.

Fri. Feb. 13, 1953
There was snow this morning, but it melted before noon. Earl brought me things from the Welfare.

Sun. Apr. 12, 1953
Earl came from priesthood meeting and went with us to evening meeting. Lou and Earl brought me home.

Sun. June 14, 1953
Lou and I paid our tithing while Earl taught his priesthood class, and then they took me home to dinner.

Sat. Dec. 19, 1953
Earl came for me to spend the day. I stayed till 2:00 when Nadine went back to work, then worked hard cleaning and sewing on presents.

Sun. Dec. 20, 1953
Earl came to get in coal for me. Then they came for me for meeting. As we were early, they rode around to see the pretty windows.

In 1955, Earl went on a mission to Texas. He had saved his wages, bought cattle, and sold them to keep him on his mission. Who could do more?

Mon. May 10, 1965
The word came that as Lou and Doris came from meeting they found Earl dead. He was so faithful, went on a mission, had such courage to go with all his affliction. He has been so fine, so faithful.

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