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Grandma Helen's Ancestors and Their Relatives
In heaven we promised we'd search out their info and do their temple work.

We're doing it guys and girls! 12-3-16 Update: now a PDF to see our temple work in progress, complete to page 18. Check back in a couple weeks for the Riley names. Left and right columns show the work now being done.

  Temple PDF - Click here

Not yet in the PDF - I currently have in hand the card for William M, son of Wm P/Sarah, son of John/Eliz. and his wife Elizabeth Steinpreis to be sealed to each other. Also Odessa M Walton and Maude Walton to be sealed to their parents Thos J Walton/Mary C Hunt.

The time is growing short; there's an urgency in the air to move forward a little faster. So

#1 - Know who they are (your cheering section in heaven) on this page

View Helen's Big Chart Here

Helen's Charts PDF
  includes family groups

#2 - Go to the temple for those whose names are ready. Click here.

#3 - Help find dates and places so other names will be ready. Click here.

#4 - Start indexing records from around the world: names, dates, places. More info

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FamSearchTree Helps PDF
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A Marvelous Work
That We Can Do

Grandma Helen's Ancestors and Their Cousins
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  Helen's Charts PDF
includes family groups

Temple Names
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Kirkpatrick Names Needing Dates/Places
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Indexing Records: Names, Dates, Places
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