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Lula Eugenia Hassell (1895-1918 )

Lula's 1910 letters to her cousins Bessie and Joel

Colonia Garcia, Chihuahua, Mexico          1
June 5, 1910

Dear Cousin, [Bessie]
  I thought I would write you a few lines to let you know that we were well.
  I must beg your pardon for not answering your letter that I got two or three months ago. Why don't you ever write to me? I like to hear from you all once in a while.
  Palmer and Theodore and Maynor are in Bisbee Arizona. I am left here in old Mexico without anybody but Aunt Ludie and Clare and Lyman. But they do not seem as near to me as your folks do.
  Aunt Ludie has got six children now two Hassells and four Whettens.

  Her last baby was born the 14th of February.
  I will soon be sixteen years old. Papa said that when I was sixteen I could go back to Florida. I have dreamed many a night that I was there. If you knew how I had to go, you would not wonder at me writing to come back. I have to wear things that you would not look at. You asked in your last letter something about Aunt Ludie's husband. You asked me if he was a widow _____ when she married him. I will tell you the truth he was not a widow when she married him. He had three other wives when she married [him]. His first wife had two

girls. One of them married right after Aunt Ludie married her papa. The other girl is not married yet she dresses up to the very tip top while I have to wear any old thing. Don't tell any of the folks this. You know if you should, some of them would write to her about it then she would half kill me. Just tell your papa to come down here and see for himself. If he knew how I was living he would not let me stay in Mexico ten minutes.
   One of Aunt Ludie's husband's second wife died about two years ago. She had four girls. But two of them is dead. The older one that is living is married now.
   Is grandma quite feeble now? Is Uncle Bolier[?] home yet? Does Joel and Willie[?] and Lester

ever ask about us kids out here in old Mexico. Tell [them] hello for me. Kiss sister's little boys for me. I guess they are sweet as sweet can be. Tell Sister I would be glad to hear from her. I never have got a letter from her. Is Uncle E___ family moved back to Quitman yet. Tell Rossie to write to me. Do you know where cousin Andrew Dewey is.
   Tell Joel I can magine what fun we could have if I were there. I will write a few lines to him if you [have] no objections. Give my love to all.
   I am as ever your loving cousin.
     Lula E. Hassell
  P.S. Please excuse this botted paper because it is rain[ing] and I am sitting [by] the door.

Colonia Garcia, Chihuahua, Mexico          5
June 5, 1910

Mr. Joel Hassell
Dear Cousin,
   As I was writing to Bessie I thought I would write you a few. You never have wrote to [me] so I thought I would write. I wish I was coming in place of the letter. It makes me ___ when I think about the good times us kids used to have. Do you remember the good times you and Maynor used to have. I wish I could be there for the 4th of July. How old are you now. I will be sixteen in September. I am the seventh grade. I will be in the eighth next year.
    I am as ever your loving cousin
Lula E. Hassell


- Lula's letters courtesy of Kathy Mayne

- Photos and research courtesy of Dwyn Larson

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