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Uriah Eaton Hassell (1853-1903)
m   1885
Martha Caroline Merriman (1866-1896)

Hassell Family   (Photo probably taken in 1900 or 1901)

L to R - back: Palmer Livingston, Theodore Fleming,
middle: Uriah Eaton, Manor May, Lula Eugenia

      their children:

Palmer Livingston 1886

Eugene Clayton 1888
(died as a child)

Theodore Fleming 1889

Maynor May 1891

Sadie Maude 1893
(died as a child)

Lula Eugenia Hassell 1895

Uriah Eaton Hassell 1896


Lula Eugenia Hassell
married (their page)

Benjamin Tarlton Lewis
In 1880 Uriah was unmarried and still living at home. Then he met and married Martha and they had seven children.

After Martha and baby Uriah died, Uriah's parents Addison and Martha offered to take care of his children while he went on a mission for the church. While on his mission he met Ludie Ellis and on his way home asked her to marry him. Besides losing all her friends when she joined the church a year or so earlier, she didn't like her situation at home, she was working too hard and taking care of everyone else. So she said yes.

  from Story of Ludie Ellis Part I   by Tami Thompson

  next: see Uriah's page with Ludie

- Story of Ludie Ellis Part I courtesy of Tami Thompson  -  email:
- Photos and census page courtesy of Dwyn Larson  -


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