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Alexander Wilkins Sr. (1835-1902)
Alice Malena Barney (1835-1916)

Alexander Jr. 1854

Alice Malena 1857

Charles 1859

Laura Minerva 1859

Edson Buriah 1861

Harriet Emily 1864

Elroy Barney 1866

Lorenzo Ballou 1868

Susan Ann 1873

John Gandsworth 1876

Alexander Wilkins Jr.

married (their page)

Charlotte York Carter

Edson Buriah Wilkins

Franklin Deming 1859-1943 - Elroy Barney Wilkins

Stories, etc.
   Alex's Autobiography

- Large photos and autobiography courtesy of Debbie Armstrong

- Four small photos courtesy of Dwyn Larson

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    Alexander Wilkins Sr.
    Alice Malena Barney

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Charlotte York Carter

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    Alex's Autobiography