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John Gandsworth Wilkins (1800-1890)
married 1830        
Nancy Adeline Kennedy (1811-1993)

Their Children:

Edward abt 1831-1838

Alexander 1835-1902

Lunice Maria abt 1838-1945

or Eunice Marie 1838-1946

Susan Jane 1840-1909

Oscar 1844-1921

John Austin 1850-1930

Nancy Adeline 1853-1934

Alexander Wilkins Sr.

married 1853 (their page)

Alice Malina Barney

Alexander Wilkins
 - born 9 Jul 1835 in Upper
   Canada, District of Bath
 - died 23 May 1902 Provo,
   Utah, Utah

    John's story
    Nancy's story

    John's obituary
     Family group sheet


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  John Gandsworth Wilkins
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Stories, etc.
    John's story
    Nancy's story

    John's obituary
     Family group sheet