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Addison Hassell (1821-1900)
Martha Ann Palmer (1822-1900)

their children:

Frances Mathilda 1846

Edward Clayton 1848

Caroline Elizabeth 1850

Uriah Eaton 1853

Joseph Addison 1857

Mary Winifred 1859

Dorothy Palmer 1865

Uriah Eaton Hassell
married (their page)

Martha Caroline Merriman

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Addison Hassell(1821-1900)
1880 census - age 57 - farmer -  Hamburgh(?), Madison, FL
      wife Martha 57, Frances 33, Uriah 27, Joseph 25, Mary 19, Dorothy 14


- Photos & census page courtesy of Dwyn Larson

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    Addison Hassell

    Uriah Eaton Hassell

   married Martha Caroline Merriman


    1880 Addison
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