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Ancestor Pages -  bits and pieces of their lives
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   Submit Your Photos - of People, Places, Documents

-- If you work with photos on your computer:

Photos should be saved as .jpg, with the usual web-size resolution of 72 dpi - or 96 dpi for very small ones. Nothing larger than 8x10; most will be about 5x7. When you downsize your resolution for the web don't forget to keep the larger dpi image in another file or with a different name! I've lost a lot of work by forgetting that.

Email us your information about each photo (see below). Include the photo as an attachment; no more than 1 photo plus its information per email, please. We will acknowledge receiving your email within a few days.

-- If you don't do photos on the computer or know anyone who does:

Take your original photo to a print shop such as InstiPrints or Kinkos and have them make a glossy photo copy of it but no larger than 8x10. Then we can scan it onto a computer and size it for the website. Send the copy with information (see below) to:       

       Larson Ancestor Pages
       2630 W. Curtis Rd. #5
       Tucson AZ 85705

If you include your email address we'll let you know when we receive it. Or enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you want your copies returned.

C. If you are donating photos of unknown persons: it's okay to send the originals by regular mail. Unless you'd like to send them as photo copies or as computer images as above. Tell us anything you know about them, such as how you got them and where and when.

In your information for each photo please include the following, if you know:

1. In the photos of people please tell us the names of everyone you know.

2. Year of birth and/or death of each person who will be listed on the ancestor page.

3. Year each photo was taken. Photos should be before 1965 and at least one person should be
    deceased. We won't name living persons without permission; they are incidental to the purpose
    of this site. See bottom of page for definition of ancestor.

4. Place the photo was taken (town, state, country).

5. Studio or Photographer:

6. Stories and documents with or without sources:
      - Fred and the Bear (written by his daughter)
      - Fred, the Girl and the Blue Pitcher -  retold from memory, it's in one of the books about Jacob
      - Document:  Her Will: Mary Fleming w/scource;

7. Your email addresses - tell us if you want them to appear at the bottom of your ancestor pages as contributors. This is so people can contact you about the pictures and info on your pages.

8. Tell us everything about the people and photos that you want to be on that page, even the minor

   Picture on a metal plate (tintype?), found with Mary Ann Chapman's pictures. No name on it
   or with it but my sister Sharon and I finally decided it had to be our grandfather James
   Moroni Richey.

Email info and photo to:

Define Ancestor
The people we are directly descended from, starting with parents and going back. For this site that means they are desceased. If they are livng, they are your best source of information.                         

A site for you and your descendants would be:   

      Questions or Suggestions?  Email