Lula Eugenia Hassell

Lula's Timeline
Ashville FL
- Sep 1895 - Lula born near Ashville FL, 6th child of Martha
- Oct 1896 - mom dies in childbirth (stillborn baby), Lula a year old
- 1897 - father Uriah goes on mission in FL, leaves kids with his parents1
- Oct 1897 - father marries Ludie Ellis, Lula 2 yrs old1
- 1898 & 1899 - Wilford Clair and Lyman Snow born1

Colonia Dublan Mex
- Mar 1901 - they arrive Colonia Dublan, Mexico after selling farm in FL, Lula is 51
- Feb 1903 - father in States to find work, is killed by falling tree in Cloudcroft NM - stepmother Ludie left
   in a strange land with two children, four stepchildren and no way to earn a living

Colonia Garcia Mex
- Mar 1903 - Ludie becomes 4th wife of John Thomas Whetten in Colonia Garcia. Clair is 4, Lyman is 3,
    Palmer is 16, Theodore is 13, Maynor is 11 and Lula is 72
- 1903-1910 - four children born to Ludie: Maneta, Zorina, 'Tucker,' Anthony Valentine 2
- 1910 - Mexican Revolution, soldiers demand food, ammunition, etc. from colonists; Lula is 152
- 1910 - Lula's older brothers Palmer 23, Theodore 20 and Maynor 18 are in Bisbee AZ5

El Paso TX
- 1912 - In midsummer colonists leave everything to the revolutionaries, take train to El Paso TX, Lula is 172
- Aug 1912 - Ellis born to Ludie in lumber sheds in El Paso2

Bluewater NM
- Nov 1912 - Whetten families take train to Bluewater NM, men work in lumber yard or hauling lumber4
- 1913 - Older Hassell children, even Clair, find work in the area;2 Lula works at Kirk's "milk ranch"3

Ramah NM
- Aug 1914 - Lula marries Ben Lewis from Ramah NM, she's almost 193
- Apr 1915 - first baby: Ivan Merriman, she's bedfast a long time, Ben's mother Daphne takes care of them3

Bluewater NM
- 1915? - Ben has work in Bluewater, Lula moves there although not recovered,
    baby stays with Grandma Daphne and Grandpa Ed Lewis3

- 1916 - second baby: Carrie Mattie born in June3

Ramah NM
- Sep 1918 - Ben working in McGaffy, Lula becomes ill, falls into a seizure and dies that night3
    Ben dies 1926 in accident, children raised by Daphne and Ed

- Lula's records
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