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The Parents' Timeline
Arlington Vandervere Kirkpatrick and Mary Florence "Mada" Riley

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Arlington about 17

June 14, 1909 - Arlie, Mary & baby Arlyn.
Helen is born Oct. 19.

Arlie's a conductor on
the Denver tramway.

1883 - Arlie born 14 Oct. in Grant City MO
1. Grant City birth records
1887 - Mary born 31 Oct. in New Cambria, Macon, MO
2. Riley Family Group Sheet
1898 - his oldest sister Eda May died at age 22. Married to Harry E Spafford.
3. Grant City Cemetery 'S'
1903 - her oldest sister Etta Mae married Joseph Clinton Henry in St. Joseph, MO.
4. Etta Family Group Sheet
1904 - her father Samuel Riley died in St. Joseph, MO. Buried in King Hill Cemetery.
5. Riley Family Group Sheet
1906 - his mother Martha F Walton 48 died
6. Grant City Cemetery 'K'
1907 - Arlington married to Mary Florence Riley
7. Riley Family Group Sheet
1908 - 1st child: Arlyn Clinton born in Pueblo CO.
8. Arlyn 2005 Obituary
1909 - 2nd child: Helen Katherine born in Denver.
9. 1910 census says Helen born in Colorado

10. Helen Family Group Sheet
1910 - Arlie V & 'Mada' living in Denver CO.
Arlyn 1 yr 6 mo, Helen 6 mo.

11. 1910 census says married 3 years
1910 - her mother Sarah Riley, sisters Amy & Jessie living in St. Joseph MO - taking in boarders
12. 1910 census - Grandma Riley
1911 - Mary died of TB in Denver 30 Jul - buried 1 Aug (L. in name is error).
13. Fairmont Cemetery in Denver,
1915 - Arlie V. died of TB in Athelstan IA, buried in MO just a few miles away (with the other Kirkpatricks). Perhaps he and Arlyn were living with his sister Maude Engle and her family.
14. Grant City Cemetery

Mary about 16

Arlyn, Helen
& Doris Engle


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