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Martha R. Sharp (1836-1896)
Joshua David Lovett (1833-1917)

His first and third wife Martha Sharp
He's wearing his Medal of Honor (Civil War) on his vest. He fought for the Union. (Maybe from Tenn. where he was born.)

They eloped the first time but her father stopped them on the way back, took her home with him and had the marriage annulled.

After Lucinda died Martha saw Joshua's name in the newspaper and got in touch.

The handwriting below the photo says, "They had been married a few years when he went to his store to open it up early in the morning and came back home for breakfast and found her dead in bed."

His medal has the same sections as the internet version but in a different order. Maybe it depended on who made the medal.

Internet version.

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After their elopement was annuled, each one married somebody else.

Joshua Lovett
1860 census - age 27, farmer - Russell Township - Macon - MO
      His is the second family listed, wife Lucinda 26 & 4 children. What were the abbreviations for Joshua and
     his brother John? Jno or Jnr? (James would be Jms, William would be Wm, etc.)

1870 census - age 37, farmer - Russell Township - Macon - MO
      - wife Lucinda 36, 3 more children

1880 census -age 47, farmer - White Township - Macon - MO
      - wife Lucinda 46, 3 more children
1887 Lucinda died.

Meanwhile Martha R. Sharp  (1836-1896) is married with children in TN.
1860 - Ledford Parrot 29, Martha R. 24, Henry 1
1870 - Ledford Parrot 39, Martha R. 34, Henry 11, George 10, Rubin 8
1880 - the internet census index for that year says she and her husband Ledford Parrott were living with
    son Henry but the wrong census page comes up.

*1890 census.
      A fire destroyed most of the records for this year. We might have found Joshua and Martha together. She died before 1897.


- Photos courtesy of Henry Larson
- Research and census pages courtesy of Dwyn Larson

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