Letters of Daisy Richey Lewis 1937-38

Ramah, New Mexico
December 15, 1937

Dear Mother,
     I've been thinking of writing this letter ever since I mailed that card but never have I found so much to do. How do you ever manage to get so much done? So far I only do just what has to be done and let the rest of the housework do itself. Already Ivan says, "If you would do just one thing at a time, you would get more done." However, I notice that he doesn't chop the amount of wood that would be necessary to do that.
     Sunday morning after we arrived he took over the unpacking and put everything in place, while I bossed from a chair. Seems good to be settled again. If all women were like me there would be very little moving.
     We have a small stack of wood, gathered just out of town about Tuesday. This isn't a winter's supply though.
     Has it been snowing down there? Sunday morning rain fell for a couple of hours and then came a snowstorm which covered the ground with nearly two inches of snow. The temperature dropped way down that day and still is.
     Ramah has a few odd jobs left, so we are making out all right so far.
     I suppose I had better mention how I feel or you will think me worse. I am feeling better all over now. We even went to the dance last Saturday for a while.
     Well as soon as you have time write me a long letter about everything and everybody including yourself. I wish Vivian would write. I'm sure she has nothing to do nowadays. She might a least ship that baby over by mail. I'd only keep him long enough to maul him good. What does Alvin have to say? Has he given it the little wagon to play with yet?

Mary Ann Richey

Daisy Richey Lewis

Alvin and Leonard

Ramah, New Mexico
December 29, 1937

Dear Mother,
     I'll bet you think I am a piker, for not writing for so long. Just before Christmas there were so many things to do getting ready for Christmas and since then we have gone somewhere every night.
     Thanks so much for the presents and Vivian, too. I can imagine that you folks had little time to spend on Christmas this year with that youngest youngster. Is the little rascal growing as he should? I hope you fed him all the cake and candy he wanted.
     My, but Santa was very good to us. Besides the things from St. Johns, Aunt Roxie & family gave Ivan a Palmolive set and me a set of colored kerchiefs. Two of the different aunts and uncles gave us a piece of meat and Carrie gave us a couple of games. One of these games is twenty games on one board. We shall have entertainment a long time. Oh yes, and Carrie gave me a subscription to a home magazine, can't think what it is just now.
     I am writing this on our sunny south porch. It is much warmer than indoors. The weather has been cloudy until yesterday & today when it is warmer than when we first came up here.
     We have been out to a dance or two since coming up here, the crowd is much more sociable than in St.Johns and I have had very good times. (Whew, it is too warm here.) You should see me at the dances when I drink milk every hour. Everywhere I go, there goes a bottle of milk also. [for her ulcers] We didn't get to the Christmas dance, as I was too tired, but went to the married folks dance last night. Rather it was more of a party. They really have good times here.
     Christmas Aunt Roxie invited us down for dinner. What I had was chicken gravy. We really had a very good Christmas even if we were in Ramah. I should have liked to be in S.J. with you and all the folks, maybe next time.
     We get nearly a gallon and one half of milk a day from his relatives so I have all I need.
     Well, come over to see us, all of you, when you can. I imagine that Alvin got more out of Christmas this year. I would like to borrow him for a while. Tell me all the news.

Ramah, New Mexico
January 7, 1938

Dear Mother,
      I am waiting for a bucket of water so that I can wash breakfast dishes. Not having running water takes up a lot of my time.
     The day we left over there we drove right under a heavy cloud all the way home. A few sprinkles of rain & hail hit us, and it stormed behind us all the way. That night it snowed a little but it melted the next day. The weather is really icy this morning. However, I think it may be cold very soon.
     Really, you should not have put in all those things. I was very surprised when I opened the box you packed. I hope it did not run you short.
     Ivan is to play in an orchestra out here now. The group practices at our place about twice a week. I do not get lonesome for or even miss a radio now.
     That rug Lou loaned us is just the thing. It keeps the whole house at an even temperature. I wish I could do something for her. Seems there is so little I can do nowadays. Let me know when when she goes and her address. Will you give her the enclosed picture of Roy. I do not recall whether I gave her one before or not and once I told her I would give her a copy.
     Yesterday Ivan printed a number of pictures from negatives. That was one of them. Next time I write I may send you a tinted picture scene from the farm. It is not dry this morning. Oh no. Ivan now informs me that it is ready. There is one of the Luna church also.
     We went to mutual & then a party afterward & there is one tonight too. This social life of Ramah keeps us going and is a lot of fun.
     Well be good to yourself, do not work too hard either.
Love to all,

Ramah, New Mexico
January 17, 1938

Dear Mother,
     I received your letter only this afternoon, so decided to write immediately. You see when I do not, letters to you do not get written for some time.
      The orchestra to which Ivan belongs is practicing here now. They make so much noise that I have to amuse myself with some absorbing occupation. They play so many tunes that are ancient and they get on my nerves.
     Tomorrow night is Mutual. I am scheduled to play a violin solo and would rather be practicing for that than listening to a fiddle, two guitars, a mandolin and a banjo. Clearly every person in Ramah can play some musical instrument by ear.
     The weather here turns out with no snow to amount to much. It seldom rains either. The people are hoping for storm though as they do so much dry farming. Also there isn't much water in the reservoir.
     We went in to Gallup last week on business. That is the first time I've been there since coming out here. You should have seen me sitting in a car drinking milk by the hour.

Daisy with violin,
small house in background
     I surely do wish Josephine & Golden could get a little closer to Ramah. Or any of you. You know I am going to write out and memorize a sales talk about all the attributes of Ramah, just to talk someone into moving out here. Oh it is getting to seem more like I am going to live here a while at least. Sometimes my thoughts catch me unawares trying to think up ways and means of getting back to St. Johns. You come out sometime. Now that you have no one at home to cook for, you can just pack your suitcase and leave for a week or so. And we shall be glad to have you come.
     Ivan has been getting the genealogy ball rolling the last few days. The meetings are to be held Sunday night. They have church in the afternoon here so it can be handled. One of these days I shall have to get my genealogy over here to work on unfinished business.
     Can you send me Bessie's address? Maybe if I have it I will write occasionally. Has Lou gone to Mesa yet? If not, do they know when they will go. Ask Vivian if she wants to sell that genealogy handbook in your bookcase We need one and cannot get one from Salt Lake.
     Even I went to Relief Society last week, but here as there, only the older women attend. Also attended Sunday School for the first time since coming over here this last time. When I go to any meeting or party in the church house at night I take along my thermos and leave it in the hall. It is handy at night but I do not like all the town to watch me drink in the day time. Last night we went to a party there so when I got inside I started for the hall door. But the Bishopric had it blocked with benches. They moved to let me through but were very curious. Slightly embarrassing.
     I think this idea of a house to rent is fine, but if I were you I would do as I wanted. If you sell the farm all I say is use your free agency. (My free advice.) I could not fill another sheet. Come over and I'll tell it to you.

Ramah, New Mexico
January 24, 1938

Dear Mother,
     I did not get this other letter mailed when I intended to, so will send it along with this. Received your package and letter. Thanks so much for the present. I am thinking they will feel more comfortable being larger.
     Really I do not feel all of twenty-three years of age, although it seems as if I've been married more than six months. You know that Saturday I expected to celebrate my birthday with you. Ivan had a home missionary call and we planned to stay Monday too. But with Genealogy class just starting Bishop Clawson thought it best for him to stay here and look after that. I surely was disappointed though.

There were three home missionaries from St.Johns: Ave, Jay Rothlesberger and Henry Jones & they all spoke very well.
     Mother, remember those two magazines you helped me find out on the porch? I had started scrapbooks from them. Well there is another one there somewhere. It has a picture of a house and plan for same, pasted near the front. Will you save it out for me until I can get it?
     Ivan just went over to the car this morning where we have it in a garage and he found the engine frozen and broken. I don't know just how badly broken yet. He failed to drain the radiator when he was in a hurry. Such luck.
     Both of us are in a play now. The same one, too. And guess who we are, "ma & pa. My matronly figure suggests "ma" often. Ivan has a class in Sunday School and helps with Scouts and MIA.
     Well here it is almost noon and I haven't washed the breakfast dishes and the bed doesn't have a bedspread on. I took that off to wash when we were going down there. I have two bags full of clothes. Hope I get them all washed up someday.
     Here are some pictures of Alvin which Ivan developed & printed from all those rolls I had. There are others I shall send you some of later. Ivan does make very good pictures now. If any of you have films to develop send them over. He does it a little cheaper than most places.
     How are you now and also the family? Love, DRL

New house, old house and Alvin

Ramah, N Mex
February 15, 1938

Dear Mother,
     Hope this finds you well and not working too hard. I hope none of you caught that cold I had. I am entirely over with it now.
     That play I told you we were in, well it finally came off last week. Flora James had one of the main parts and the day the play was to come off she was taken to Gallup. There they operated on her for appendicitis as soon as she got there. She really was quite bad off but is better now. Well, as I started to tell you about the play, another girl stepped up and took her place at the last minute. Also one of the boys parts finally had to be substituted for, about half an hour before starting. Well Leola Lewis dressed up like a boy and took the part, which was that of a lifeguard (probably heavy-set type) and Leola is so very small. The audience gasped for breath when she came on. Glad it is over, anyway.
     Yesterday we went into Gallup to see "The Hurricane" a South Sea Island picture that Ivan wanted to see. Well it was a real hurricane or so we thought. We had all kinds of car trouble. The old bus is slightly worn out.
     While we were in Gallup we went into a restaurant and the waitress looked familiar. It was Evelyn South from St.Johns.
     I am writing this to get in the mail today. Write me all the news.

Ramah, N Mex
February 17, 1938

Dear Mother,
     We have a white world this morning. Snow has been falling since night before last, but there is only about three inches. & still falling so there may be crops yet.
     How are you & all the rest of your families? Did Laddie recover without any ill affects from his accident? What is all the news from down there?
     I am making a small table cover from the scraps torn from that quilt top I told you of. Trimming it with checkered & plain red. Bet that doesn't appeal to your sense of good taste but it will go all right in this house. There are so many different color schemes, wall paper, etc.
     I am writing this before I get your answer to my other letter as I need some of that powder prescription No. 6574. I wonder if you will get some with this fifty cents I shall enclose, from the drugstore. Last time I sent direct to them for it & it took them so long to send it. I hope this will not trouble you & thanks so much.
     Well be good to yourself, Daisy

Ramah, New Mexico
February 24, 1938

Dear Mother,
     The medicine came Monday. Was very glad to get it so quick. Thanks a lot. I wish I didn't have to take it & maybe I won't one of these days.
     I received the Genealogical sheets and shall be glad to do up what I can. There are one or two more Baptism sheets I shall have to send to Josephine and Hugh. They have the family groups for those.As soon as possible I shall get them down and off down there again. Having access to those books on genealogy is going to help St. Johns a lot. Maybe I shall get to work in them sometimes. Are there some books there all the time or only part?
     Mother, do you know whether your grandmother Elizabeth Potter Brown had the Potter children sealed to Mr. Brown? I remember you talking about her but I do not recall this point. Also, did she divorce Arnold Potter?
     I am making a Book of Remembrance and need histories of the lives of my parents and one grandparent. So just as soon as you get yours done I want a copy of it or to see it so I can make a copy of it. Did Papa leave a history? And will you send me date when I was blessed and by whom and when baptized and by whom. I have taught the junior class a time or two so want to make a book with them. (Probably will not teach it all the times.) Could you write just a brief sketch of my early life, say up to the time we moved from the farm, or until I started school and send it to me.
     Tell Mable that Flora is back here now. I haven't seen her though. Yesterday I was told that Sister James was very ill. Don't know what the matter was.
     The people that went from here to Brother Udall's funeral left in such a hurry that I didn't know they were going until they were gone. I would like to have gone with them.
     I wonder if the tablets the Dr. gave me are those Nutrachloric tablets I had. The medicine "Kaomagma in blue bottle Dr. Fife told me that the hospitals doctored ulcers with it. I wish Nellie and Mae both would try it.
     Every day I wish you lived across the street so I could run over and find out something to have for dinner. I wonder what until twelve and Ivan wonders when for an hour or two after.
     How is everyone over there. Lou, Vivian, Josephine and all the rest of 'em. Are you just doing as you should all the time or do you overwork and do you eat enough. I bet you never cook much.
     Ivan has a trap line now, though nothing but a skunk has stepped on a trap yet.
     Are there any of those little trees on your lot this year that you will not want, locust or those plentiful ones.
     The paper dolls are for Alvin.
Your loving daughter,

Ramah, New Mexico
March 29, 1938

Dear Mother,
     We arrived safe Saturday. The weather looked stormy all the way. ahead of us at least from Witch Wells on. Although it didn't storm on us, it snowed as soon as we got home. Every day since then it snows & hails & blows the moisture off.
    I haven't set out those plants yet & this is Tuesday. I surely do want to before it is too late, tho.
     Sunday afternoon Ivan went to Blackrock and is there again today, trying to find out about farming.
     I am going to Aunt Blanche's to look after Bennie & Venice while she goes to Relief Society.
     Nellie and Wilson's oldest boy was operated on for appendecitis Sunday. He seems to be getting along fine. That is five cases of that since we came over in December.
     This house was about the worst mess you could imagine but Ivan helped me and I have it fairly straight now. I cleaned the stove as I said I was going to & it looks much better.
    Excuse the scribbling, I must get this to post office.

Ramah, New Mexico
April 12, 1938

Dear Mother,
     Received your letter and the genealogical letter yesterday. That enclosed newspaper clipping has our Adair line on it. The Joseph Adair is apparently the same as on our charts although no dates are given. His wife's name, it says, is Laferty which we did not have, also it gives his three brothers and his father and mother.
     I wish I were there to help you tho I haven't filled out those lessons you are on. Lorena Mangum and I are the junior class teachers here and we both want to do the adult course.
     For Easter you folks should come up her for picnic. The Sunday School is having a program, I have a violin solo on it. I wish you could all pile in an automobile and come out here. There are many pretty places to picnic close and El Morro is only 12 miles out. You could take that in. Something most of you have never seen and worthwhile too. Stay over Saturday.
     Our lot is to be plowed today and then we may be going out to the farm every day to plow it. Do not know when we will move out to stay.
     About washing down there - if we bring a load of people to conference there will be no room to bring a washing, so don't bother to heat any water. I've done a washing once a week since coming out last and get it done up while it is small. Tell Vivian thanks anyway.
     One of the rose bushes you gave me the first time has six green shoots. I noticed yesterday the flax and pinks are looking fine too.
     Am sending Lou's pictures in with this.

PS We had a good snow last week too. About five or six inches.

Ramah, New Mexico
? 16, 1938

Dear Mother,
     Have any other general letters been returned. You sent me that one, but I wondered if any had been returned unopened. Did you read that clipping enclosed in that one letter? The Adair names were just the same as we have on our chart. (Thomas and Joseph) I wrote to the woman who edits this section of that newspaper for the name of the one inquiring about Adair.
     Sorry to hear that Earl broke his arm and at such an unfortunate time.
     Does Josephine like the idea of moving to Gonado? How is she feeling now?
     I got out that piece of green cloth & I was going to cut it out but I haven't decided yet how to make it. Seems like I have a lot of clothes, but I surely can get them all dirty at once.
     Heard Sunday that Katy (James?) is to be married to a fellow who works at the landing field. Don't know his name.
    Most of the time my stomach feels better. Mother, how is your hip lately? Hope your shoes fit.
     I wish you would find out if Josephine has any of those little silk jackets like I made. Without asking her. Maybe Vivian would know.
     Well, Bonnie and Arland are going to grow up next year. Do any of the Gr kids graduate from high school? I'd surely like to see the exercises. I'm going to wash out a few clothes and wait for the rest until Ivan has time to carry me more water. Come over soon.

Ramah, New Mexico
May 13, 1938

Dear Mother,
     So glad you have a renter and that they are such nice people as Mrs. Malloy & daughters. One thing I hope is that you have your renters pay rent in advance or when they move in.
    I surely would have liked to have seen Bessie. Glad she came up and you folks had a visit with her. I keep thinking I will write her, and although it seems I should have time, I haven't gotten around to doing it.
     Last night we entertained the young married group of Ramah. There are eight couples who got together and decided to have parties every two weeks. We went to one at Edgar & Grace's last time and next to Al and Leola's. I am rather all in this morning. I haven't even cleaned up the mess from the party. Ivan has been out to work without coming in every night since Tuesday until he came for the party. I was out there Tuesday to the farm and baked cake for the party. The stove is better in some ways, but I baked more cake here in my own oven with chips & they were better. For refreshments I had strawberry jello, whipped with cream on and pink cake with icing, white icing. The jello and cake just matched and made my color scheme of pink and white show up.
     Yes there is a house at Gilbert's farm, a lumber house about 12x18 feet. There is a good stove, a nice cupboard, and about six chairs and a table of planed lumber. Gilbert has a vacation now for about a month so they are working real hard to get most of the planting done while he is here. They have a large piece of land over at Jesse's about a mile away from our land and Gilbert's. That is where they are working now. Now it looks as if I might not go out to cook for the outfit, at least for a while since there is no milk.
     Everyone here is planting garden fast. We may get to next week if he can get off that long. Are you planting any vegetables?
     Since General Conference isn't until the 22nd and is on a Sunday we might accidently get to go after all.
     Come right ahead whenever you get ready. I'll surely be glad to see some of you. I can fix for beds all right if you bring 2 or three quilts along. Please do come. I won't promise not to kidnap someone though. Yes the chicken-pox has all died out & I don't know of any other diseases. Tell Vivian that Esther has kept her baby out of the chicken-pox so I don't think she would run into any diseases if she should visit her.
     These pictures of Forest are for you and Mable. Sorry not to have returned this dollar bill before, expect you have been needing it. Thanks.
     [missing page]

Ramah, New Mexico
May 21, 1938

Dear Mother,
     Guess what I ate for dinner today. I do not think you could if I gave you ten guesses. Well I had spinach, tomatoes, bread and buns. No milk. It is doctor's orders too. It happened in this way. Saturday I had a rather all-in spell, had worked pretty hard and then got rather upset. So Ivan took me down to Blackrock Sunday morning. Dr. said, "You haven't ulcers nor do I believe you ever did have." He said what I did have was a little gall bladder trouble that could be straightened out in about two weeks. My stomach has hurt much less since I have been eating meals. I am supposed to eat green leafy vegetables and liver, that is for blood builder.
     I wish Vivian would eat some liver. Dr. said I should eat it three times a week for two weeks. Remember what Sister Waddoups told her when we were down there, that she was anemic and to eat liver. Well Dr. said that he could give me a prescription for taking shots (for being anemic) for getting liver into my blood but said he did not like to do things that way. (Don't ever let me see Fife again.)
     Far as I know now, I can come down there to look after the kiddies. We would like to go to S. L. (Salt Lake) but right now can not.
    If I know when George A. and Elda are to come up here, I can be in town that day. Otherwise I am living at the Gilbert Lewis Ranch five miles southeast of Ramah. We come in quite often, are in today for water. He has a large 3,000 gallon tank that can be put on a trailer and brought to town. It lasts a long time just for household purposes, but now we have decided to have a few rows of garden out at the ranch and of course we shall have to carry water for that.
     They have about 80 acres of beans in & about half as much corn. They are planning on planting more beans. Gee but it is hot today. No rain for nearly three weeks. I feel so much better that I hardly know how to act. Love,

Gilbert's ranch

Ramah, New Mexico
June 18, 1938

Dear Mother,
     We passed you on main street leaving St. Johns, Sunday. Now that I think of it again, guess we didn't either. We arrived home about 10 o'clock.
     This is in the evening that I am writing. We're waiting to see if Gilbert comes up from Blackrock, before we go to town. Last Saturday he came out and since there is only one good bed here we went to town for the night. Went to a young married folks party at Veralta's. She married Irvin Adair, has a nice baby.
     We live quite close to the highway here. We have a mailbox and get our mail brought out. It is sometimes difficult to get a letter posted as we haven't arranged with the mail to pick our mail up.
     Tomorrow is Relief Society Conference here. They sort of adopted me lately in preparation for conference. They wanted me to help sing a song, just a chorus and too, asked me to give a piece of poetry. That may be a good way to get me to go to R.S.
     Did Leigh go to S.L.? There were some Mangums and Sis. Cherry went from here.
     Was outside Wednesday morning helping Ivan repair the chicken run and the gnats took a few bites. Then ever since, the bites have become raising up bigger and more itchy than any mosquito bites I ever had. I scratched too much and have some small sores from the spots now. St. Johns just doesn't have any gnats to my knowledge.
     We are going to build us a cactus and wild flower garden out here. Those tiny round cactus are in bloom now. They have a magenta colored flower. There is a large white lily which blooms in the evening. The plant is small and creeps along the ground.
     I haven't had my personal genealogy out here yet. Will get it today when we go in. So I can get to work on it again.
     The beans and corn froze in a few places the other night just last week. It is so dry that many beans have not come up.
     Write and tell me all the news or better yet come up.

Ramah, New Mexico
August 1, 1938

Dear Mother,
     We moved in from the ranch last week. Saturday, in fact. So everything is in a terrible mess this morning. I wish you were here to stay with us for an while now. Haven't painted my bookcase yet but hope to right away. It is just about the right size.
     I hope your trip didn't make you sick. Did you get home all right? It surely is lonesome since you folks left. I feel so bad that you had to pay all the gas for that trip over here. Too, that you left me something. Two fellows that owed Ivan didn't have anything to pay him. And the store wouldn't charge it to him. I hope we can pay you back sometime. Mable too, she brought me too many things. Tell Vivian thanks too.
     I'm feeling so much better now.
     Ivan and I are about to begin cleaning house and moving in. He and Gilbert don't agree very well. Ivan quit working out there. Don't know what we will be doing now.
     If all the peas in my garden would ripen at once, I would have some to bottle. They just keep on blooming.
     Who left these pillows here. We used them Sunday night but I never thought to put them where they could be seen plainly. Then after you left I was packing up to go out to the ranch and there were those pillows.
     Guess I will have a better chance to work in MIA since I am in town.
     Everything was so upset while you were here. Not enough room for all of you at our house. Maybe next year we will have things so arranged that we can take care of all of you. Wish Vivian and Clarence could have gone to the dance.
     We had a slight rain last week but it has surely been hot a few days.
     How is Josephine by now. Tell me how you are and what you are doing.

Ramah, New Mexico
August 15, 1938

Dear Mother,
     Decided to wait to write this time until I had received your letter. Was pleased to hear all the news. I'll bet Thaddeus and Mary Jo were trying to get the dogs to stop fighting when they were bitten. Hope they get all right.
     Looks as if that Leonard baby would wait until cool weather to get his teeth. Kiss him real good for me. If I were close I'd be tempted to mall him so much he wouldn't have time to get sick. Out here they have a habit of feeding blackberry juice to babies when they run off. Thot I'd mention it as so many people use it extensively for dysentery.
     Wonder if Alvin is helping you can or bottle this summer. He must be lots of help when he isn't sick, by this summer. Think I know of a picture he might like, I'll put it in with this.
     There is a nice black dog across the street that doesn't like to be tied up when the folks go off. Well, yesterday all that family left and he was tied up. The poor dog just howled every few minutes only it sounded just like he was crying. I never heard such a lonesome dog.
     Ivan has been cultivating his part of the land at the ranch and hopes to get the crop. He was gone about four days last week and will be gone about two days this week. He came in Thursday evening with a dozen ears of sweet corn. We had a wedding (anniversary) supper without a cake as I wasn't expecting him until Sunday and had planned it then.
     I have a strip of the wedding ring quilt pieced, large enough to about half cover the surface of the bed. Or did I tell you? Anyway I had no idea of really doing it, but before we moved into town we stayed in for two or three days & that just happened to be the only thing I could find to work on.
     After I started to write yesterday, we went out and picked half a sugar sack full of string beans. We strung about 3/4 of them last night and we are borrowing another cooker so the beans will be processed in a very short time now.
     I had two things at once when I had dysentery. I'm still sick at the stomach a lot, but I feel more like getting around and doing things. Berky [Ivan's nickname in Ramah] is very good to do things when I don't feel up to par.
     It is good of you to let us come down there and live with you. I only hope that we don't bother you. Although I know that it sort of puts a person out to arrange for more persons in a household. We would need to take care of the wood situation and a lot of other things. Berky wants to get equipment before he goes to St. Johns. Some people owe him but he cannot collect, so he is looking forward to a few beans out of another crop this fall. It isn't settled yet whether he will get anything from his land or not. Please do not tell this to anyone as it might get to the other family in St. Johns. At any rate Ivan really wants to try St. Johns for his photography so if nothing else comes up we will be down. It is very indefinite when, though.
     I will surely enjoy using a machine for so many things that I have left undone since I'm not near one. The rest of that silk quilt will be one thing. There will be lots of small scraps to use for a small quilt. That was partly what you wanted me to use them for, wasn't it? Made the cutest pink silk jacket the other day when I was lying around. There are a lot of scraps, tea rose color, that I can maybe find some use for along that line too.
     In looking over names for baptism and endowments I found nearly two hundred and all of those names for sealing, too. I'll send them all to Salt Lake and have them come back here before sending them to the temple. I would like to see the connections the Bureau makes. There will be enough to keep many people at work in the temple for a while. At least our family. This card on Richey genealogy sounds good to me. I must keep in touch with Mr. Fletcher.
     That is a lot more grapes than you gathered off your vines last year, if I remember rightly.
     Hope Lou is better now. Guess that spell of dysentery will let up soon. About the only reason I can see why you ever get sick is that you over work.
     I gathered some seeds of the little yellow flower but haven't got any seed of those other flowers you & Lou wanted. Saturday I walked out to the hill south of town and sure enough there was wild flax. Only blue however and they only grow about eight inches high.
Well, be good to yourself,

Ramah, New Mexico
Aug    , 1938

Dear Mother,
     I was going to write so you would get a letter last week. Then I haven't been feeling good. Ate something that didn't agree with me. And then I think I must have caught what has been going around over here. Ivan had a touch of it too. We feel some better this morning though.
     Last week I was cleaning the weeds out of my flowers and found three more rose bushes had started growing. That makes four in all. That yarrow plant is still alive. We have had such a lot of rain the last week. It rained Monday and on through to Thursday. Then Saturday and Sunday again. Flowers and garden look fine.
     I'm sure I'll get a few pints of peas bottled. Two rows are just coming on now, the others are still bearing too.
     If Ivan can get more equipment for the photography outfit by this fall we want to go to St. Johns and go into business. We were wondering just what to plan on for living quarters. Would it bother you to have us for a while. Let us pay lights, water and groceries for the bother we would be making pictures and for rent too. Then again we might rent a room on main street to do photography in. That wouldn't be as much bother around your house. What do you think about it?
     All these genealogical names I have out here should be enough for both of us. If I can get enough taken off, I'll put your name or Leigh's on a lot of them and send them in to the Index Bureau. Is the St. Johns library open and do people patronize it a lot?
     "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" is on in Gallup now. We sure want to see it. But I don't suppose we can. The last two nights there has been a car of Ramahites go in to see it.
     Is Leonard still thriving on buttermilk? How is everyone, including yourself? Is Mae running for sure? [county office] Is Nellie all right? And Josephine?
     Are you bottling something now? Do not work too hard.

Ramah, New Mexico
August 23, 1938

Dear Mother,
     Received that nice box you sent. It was in good condition and we surely enjoyed the fresh vegetables and fruit. The meat was in good shape & fresh and certainly hit the spot for me. When George A. brought in the box he said it had meat in it & I thought he meant it was full of meat. I couldn't quite decide what had happened that that you should send so much meat. When I opened it however, it looked quite different from meat. Thanks.
     I wonder if I can put up most of the beans for us this winter. To use down there. I have six qts. now and hope to get many more. I am feeling so much better that we will probably be able to put up more. Also I have 3 1/2 quarts of peas and there is another batch ready to pick. I won't nearly fill all my bottles though. Wish I could come down there and help you bottle.
     I went out to Sunday School and church Sunday. The first time this month.
     Ivan is still planning to come down this winter. He is administrator of his grandfather's estate. As yet he doesn't know how much he will get out of it. Whether enough to get an outfit or not for photography but we sure hope so.
     The Bishop up here said that the security [welfare?] plan was to let the whole stake get peaches, but we haven't seen any yet.
     Are you all right? Please do not work too hard and get sick.
     This bunny to color is for Alvin.
     Maybe we can get together and do some genealogical work this winter.
     I feel lots better since about Sunday. Those peaches and lemons sort of brought my stomach out of the kinks.

Ramah, New Mexico
Sept. 2, 1938

Dear Mother,
     How are you after your trip? I sure do wish you could have stayed until the Union Meeting [Deseret Sunday School Union] anyway.
     I have my kitchen straightened up now. It looks somewhat better. That big pasteboard box is packed nearly full of dishes. I just kept out the odd ones to use.
    The Jameses are bringing in fruit from Farmington this week. We found out that they will take beans for some fruit so we are going to get some that way. They will even wait for the beans. The peas are ready to pick today. Hope to have two or three quarts again.
     I'd like you to see the scenery here at certain times. The sky has been cloudy for two or three days now. We seldom see the sun and it has rained every day. This morning there was a fog over the valley. When it rose and the clouds could be seen resting on the tops of all these hills, it was really scenic.
     Aunt Roxie [wife of Ivan's Uncle Fred Lewis] told me I could have a ten pound bucket of plums so I'll have quite a variety of fruit.
     I've been so cold since this rainy weather that I put on a woolen dress. About the last week and a half the weather has been decidedly cooler. Most everyone talks like they would be pulling beans when it clears off as it will likely freeze then.
     I feel so much better, my stomach has not felt upset since you were here. I believe it is just the way I eat. The fruit seems to be a big help. When we get some to put up I'm going to keep part to eat raw. I do feel stronger now.
     Don't say anything about this but I am writing to Cora about that kindergarten. The more I think about it the more I like the idea. I hope they haven't found anyone yet and will let me try it.
     Hope everyone is feeling fine. If possible we will be down for Union meeting.