Memories of Grandpa & Grandma  

Golden and Josephine Farr

Dear Mother,
     You asked me to write a few things about Papa. I remember how he was always reading, how he would take small children by the hand and dance around with them. (They didn't always like it.) How he would turn a chair down on the floor and put his head on the slanted back of the chair. (I used to think it was very uncomfortable because I tried it.) How his black every-day shirts would get filled with wind and blow out in the back. How glad we were to see him come down to St. Johns in the winter and the milk he always brought.
     Proud was the word I always thought of as a child when I would see you and Papa start off for Sunday School at Richville or off for St. Johns in the wagon. I always remember how pleased he was to go to the old folks parties at Alpine UT. You must have missed social life.
     How when you were in St. Johns with Lou when her first baby was born he used to get up in the night when he heard me cry with the tooth ache and warm cloths to ease the pain. How he tried to make things easier for me then while school was going on and I had the work to do and was lonely too and I could go on. Better stop though, give someone else a chance.
     Sure would like to be there. As the time draws nearer the more I would like to come. Jay and Mable's car is just too crowded, it would mean riding 4 in a seat way into the night which is too hard for any driver. (They have asked me and would be uncomfortable for my sake.) Am sorry to make you feel bad about it so please don't. Would like to see everyone.

All my love,