Memories of Grandpa & Grandma  

Nancy & Dale Richey  

Grandma Richey
      Dale Moroni Richey and I were at B.Y.U. and hadn't been going together for very long. He invited me down to St. Johns for Thanksgiving vacation. I was a "big city gal" from back east and greenery, and found the drive down interesting but barren, and a town that small was really novel!
      He wanted to show me something I would like... He took me over to meet Gramma Richey... He was right! She hit the spot...right to my heart. I adored her right off. She was so sweet and endearing.
      Dale and I got married almost two years later. When we lived in Albuquerque, Gramma came to visit us and she was her wonderful self. We had two of our five daughters then plus our new baby daughter Jenny. Gramma couldn't get over "how good and easy" she was!
      That Gramma lived as long and as well has always been an inspiration to us.

                                                        Nancy Elinor Herburg Richey

      My grandmother, Mary Ann Chapman Richey, lived until 101 in a nursing home in Show Low, Arizona. She had brownish gray curly hair and greenish blue eyes. I loved her, Nancy loved her. She came to live with us for about 2 weeks in Albuquerque, New Mexico about 1966. She had to eat about every two hours. We loved her very much. She enjoyed our three little girls a lot.
      Although she was only about 5 feet tall, she was the giant genealogist for us all. Tears come when I think about her today as one of my guardian angels.
      She would offer me a drink of cold water right from a dipper out of the cool water bucket that sat out on the counter in the kitchen. It always tasted wonderful and fresh.
      Auntie Daisy and Uncle Ivan Lewis lived in her house with her and looked after her. They helped organize the many genealogy and family history records. She lived next door to our Stake President, David K. Udall. Her house was in St. Johns, Arizona; one block north of the Church Building.

Grandma's house

Church south of Grandma's house

Dale Moroni Richey
son of Hugh Richey

Nellie, LaVina, Maleen, Dale, Milford, Sharell, Philip, Dean, Hugh