Mary Ann Chapman's Story    Part 1   8

Sheep camp at shearing time.

I enjoyed the scenery, I loved mountains where it was summer.

The Christmas we were at Silver Creek we got dolls & books & nice clothes. Our father went in to the City for things. We loved Uncle Hyrum & Aunt Rhoda. She was always so kind & loving, we would stop at her sister's, Susie Snider, when we went to Sniderville to Sunday School & meetings. Wanship was a Mormon town northwest of us, Park City was south up in the mountains, a mining town. I only remember onE summer & one winter at Silver Creek. That summer Father & Uncle Hyrum went fishing. I remember the large trout packed in cool grass. He cut it before the dew was dry, it kept fish so nice. When sheep shearing time came we went to the camp. We children would help set table & wash dishes. Mother cooked, Father helped with the shearing. We gathered wool from the bushes for Mother. When we went to
S. L. City it was a long day's ride. I wanted to stop & pick every unusual lovely flower but soon learned the team could not be stopped for such things.

A big black & white Newfoundland dog went with us everywhere we children went. We loved him but he got to getting the eggs, every time a hen cackled he ran for the eggs, so had to be killed.

Some times we camped on the road by a roaring mountain stream. I loved to sleep out under the stars. I always saw the beautiful scenery, the forests or lovely trees, the pretty hillsides & the meadows. It was a lovely time when Grandma Coleman, Aunt Clara & Aggie came to see us. I had named my doll Aggie, & when Grandma Chapman came to visit she took long walks, I loved to go with her. She told me stories of birds & flowers. Our dog always went along. When we moved back to S.L. City I packed all my playthings in a small box. We were so loaded it could not be taken so I had to leave my doll Aggie & all my things. We were to get them some time later & never went back. For years I longed for those things. I know a child's longings are as real as grown folks & in all our moving I found a place for my children's playthings to go, (I see I repeat for I write at different times). My father had logs laid up for a new house when we left but I know he left because he & Uncle Hyrum were not getting on too well, Father was being imposed on, that is all I knew.