Ludie and John T. Whetten pg 2

James and Sophia Atkin Whetten Huff.

John Thomas' mother and stepfather

Sophia Atkins was born 24 April 1845 in Empingham, Ruthlandshire, England. Her parents were William Atkin and Elizabeth Wann.

Sophia first married John Whetten. He was born 13 September1835 and Died on 28 February 1864 at Cross Plains, Dane, Wisconsin. Sophia and John were married 27 May 1861 in Wisconsin. They had 2 Children... (1) John Thomas Whetten was born 7 March 1862 Cross Plains, Dane, Wi. died and buried 15 feb 1932 Colonia Juarez Chihuahua Mexico (2) Elizabeth Ann, She was born and died in October of 1863. She only lived a few days.

After John Whetten died, Sophia married a man named James Huff. They were married 29 July 1865 in Utah. They had 2 daughters, Mary Adelaide and Olive Maria

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