Samuel Hume Riley (1844-1904)
m 1882              
Sarah Catherine Lovett (1861-1935)

their children:

Etta Mae 1884-1917

Clara abt 1886

Mary Florence 1887-1911

Effie abt 1889

Elmer 1891

Amy Louise 1895-1977

Jessie Lee 1897-1989

Etta Mae

Etta Mae Riley
m 1903
Joseph Clinton Henry
no children


Mary Florence Riley
m 17 Apr 1907

V. Kirkpatrick
son Arlyn
daughter Helen


Amy Louise Riley
1.) m 11 Aug 1918
George Dallas McFall
no children
2.) m 27 Sept 1937
Thomas Ruffin Busby
no children

Amy in Mephis TN 1925

Jessie in costume

Jessie Lee Riley
1.) m      
Malcomb McDonald
daughter Luanna

Jessie in El Paso 1924

About 1912. Woman standing is Sarah Catherine Lovett. Amy is seated on the left with Helen Katherine Kirkpatrick in the center. The tall man is unknown. The man and woman at the right are most likely Etta and Joseph Henry.

1911 - Arlyn C. about 3,
Helen K. about 2

cousins: Luanna McDonald 3
Helen K. Kirkpatrick 10
Shreeveport, Louisianna 1920

tallest: Arlyn & Evelyn
Amy, Louanna, Jessie
Billie, Henry, Helen
San Antonio TX 1937

William Riley (1800- )
1850 census - age 49 - farmer - Dist 24, Hampshire, VA
     wife Mary 39, Louisa 20, Benjamin 17, Thomas 12, Samuel 7
     (tradition says Thomas is half-brother to Samuel)

Samuel Hume Riley (1844-1904)
maybe 1860 census
     woman initial R. Riley age 45 is head of household - farmer - Randoph, MO
     her sons are Thomas Riley age 22
     and S. Riley age 16 (birth state MO not VA)
maybe 1870 census - age 26 - single - Philadelphia Ward 26 Dist 11, Philadelphia, PA
     (not enough info but age is right)
1880 census - age 36 - single - RR Brakeman - Clinton, Dewitt, Illinois
     lives with mother Mary 68
1900 census - age 56 - married 17 years - farmer - Marion Dist 106, Harrison, MO
     wife Sarah C. 38, Etta M. 15, Mary F. 13, Amy L. 5, Jessie L. 2

    1904 - Samuel Hume Riley died. Buried in King Hill Cemetery St Joseph MO

1910 census - Sarah head of household age 48 - St Joseph MO
     daughter Amy L. 15, Jessie L. 12, plus 8 boarders

1920 census - Shreeveport LA
    G Dallas McFall 32, mechanic, automobiles
    wife Amy 24
    sister-in-law Jessie McDonald 22
    neice Luan 3
    mother-in-law Sarah Riley 58
    neice Helen K. Kirkpatrick 10

    1935 - Sarah Catherine Lovett died in San Antonio TX. Buried in Roselawn Park cemetery.

On genealogy charts from Helen Larson she lists her grandfather S.H. Riley as born in Roanoke, Roanoke, VA. 1850 census says VA; 1880 and 1900 census say he was born in WVA. Since West Virginia was part of Virginia at one time, you could be born in VA and later live in WVA and never move. Ditto "do" for KY. A photo of Grace Riley says she's daughter of Tom Riley, half brother to Samuel.

Sarah Catherine Lovett (1861-1935) is in the 1880 census as daughter of Joshua and Lucinda Lovett. She married Samuel Hume in 1882. We have some of her letters to Helen Katherine Kirkpatrick (granddaughter).

Oldest daughter Etta Mae (1884-1917) m Joseph Clinton Henry (1884-Feb 1936). Helen was close to this aunt and uncle even though they lived in Nebraska. In January 1936 Helen cabled her uncle that she'd had a baby boy. He cabled back, "Name him Henry, money follows." Her uncle died 21 February that same year. These are possibly the two in white at the right in the group photo above. They had no children.

Daughter Mary Florence (1886-1911) m Arlington Vandervere Kirkpatrick (1884-1915) Both died of TB. Two children: Arlyn Clinton Kirkpatrick, Helen Katherine Kirkpatrick. We don't know who raised Arlyn. Correction here - we found him in the 1920 census with his Aunt Maude's family. See the timeline at right. He and Helen saw each other often as adults.

Daughter Amy Louise (1895-1977) m Dallas McFall. Helen lived with them and her Grandmother Riley as a child on a plantation in Louisiana. About 1920 they lost everything in the crash when the price of cotton fell drastically. In 1926 they were in El Paso, Texas. They moved to Miami Arizona where Dallas' brother Bert McFall (wife Mable) owned McFall Auto Parts. Helen was there in 1930 census a few days before she and Roland were married. After Dallas died Amy married Thomas Busby. She had no children.

Daughter Jessie Lee (1897-1989) m Malcomb McDonald, ____Quinn, Tom Sarber, "Muddy" Waters (no divorces, they all died). Jessie had one daughter and 3 grandchildren.