Uriah Eaton Hassell (1853-1903)
married 18 Oct 1897     (2nd)   
Sarah Luiza "Ludie" Ellis (1875-1946 )

Hassell Family   (Photo probably taken in 1900 or 1901)

L to R - back: Palmer Livingston, Theodore Fleming,
middle: Uriah Eaton, Manor May, 2nd wife Sarah Luiza "Ludie" Ellis, Lula Eugenia
in front: Wilford Clair, Lyman Snow
Yes, they dressed little boys and girls the same until they were 3 or 4.

"On 15 Feb 1903, Uriah Hassell was working in the logging woods in Cloudcroft, Otero, New Mexico and was killed. Him and 3 other men were crushed by a huge
tree, while they were in their tent sleeping. He is buried in Alamagordo, Mexico."

Story of Ludie Part II:     http://www.fortunecity.com/millennium/circus/998/ludie3.html

  Martha's children with Uriah:

Palmer Livingston 1886

Eugene Clayton 1888
(died as a child)

Theodore Fleming 1889

Maynor May 1891

Sadie Maude 1893
(died as a child)

Lula Eugenia Hassell 1895

Uriah Eaton Hassell 1896

  Ludie's children with Uriah:

Wilford Claire Hassell 1898

Lyman Snow Hassell 1899

  Lyman Snow Hassell

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- other photos courtesy of Dwyn Larson  -  email: dwyn@ancestorpages.com