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William Richey
1 Feb 1796 - 21 Oct 1879

Below was posted 6 April 2010

We have a nice mix of family traditions and documented facts about William Richey, his mission to the Cherokee nation 1855 - 1860 and who he married and when. Which are which? Let's try making a timeline for some of the people and events.

William Richey

- b 1796  Pickens County, AL

- became a mechanic and farmer

- ? m abt 1817 Nancy Ridge, Cherokee

- m 1820 Margaret Ann Adair
 Pickens County, AL

- his children wouldn't talk about his Cherokee marriage

- 1831 had a farm in Noxubee, Miss. [the Chotaw Indian Purchase]

- 1844 converted from Baptist to L.D.S. church in AL

- 1844 son James preached to Wm's people in the western part of Pickens County AL

- 1844 son James preached to mother's people in Itawanba County Miss.

- 1847 Spring - William reurned from mission to Texas and southern states, brought his mother [Rebecca Belton] from AL
- 1847 moved his family from Pisga to Winter Quarters

- 1848 crossed plains with Willard Richards Company

- 1853 Margaret dies in Manti

- 1855 at conference Wm called on mission

Nancy Ridge

- b abt 1801
   Cherokee Nation East (GA)

- daughter of Major Ridge

- m abt 1817 to ?

- d abt 1818-19 in childbirth
- baby daughter died too

John Ridge

- b abt 18
   Cherokee Nation East (GA)

Major Ridge

- b abt 1771,   3/4 Cherokee
   raised as a Cherokee in GA

- adopted white man's way

- friend of Andrew Jackson

- m

- his home in Rome, Georgia, is a national historical landmark called the Chieftains Museum/MajorRidge Home
Sarah Ridge

- b 1814

William Richey is #4 on Chart 4

Cherokee chiefs were elected, they didn't have royalty. So a woman could be the daughter of a chief but she wouldn't have been a "princess."

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