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Sarah Jane Huntsman    Samuel Lewis

Samuel Lewis was a member of the Mormon Battalion, Company C. He came with the pioneers to Mt. Pisgah in 1846 and enlisted in the Battalion at Council Bluffs, Pottawattamie, IA, July 16, 1846. After serving a year he was discharged at Los Angeles July 16, 1847 and arrived in the "Valley" in December, 1847. He worked on the Nauvoo Temple until the walls were completed, on the St. George Temple about 18 months, on the Salt Lake Temple 14 months and on the Manti Temple four months being a stone cutter by trade.

Source: all information is from Huntsman Annals by Lamond Huntsman 1971. Page 109 of the Huntsman Annals states that a complete genealogy record was microfilmed by Lamond Huntsman in 1966 and put in the Salt Lake Genealogy Library.

Sarah Jane and Samuel: #4 and #5 on Chart 3


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