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Memories of Grandpa & Grandma  

Bill and Lorna Wood
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I remember when Grandpa and Grandma lived in the old house. I had to be less than four years old. Daddy (Forest) took me in where Grandpa was in bed (not too long before he died) and he lifted me up to say hello to him. Then Grandma told me I could go out in the garden and pick some gooseberries to eat. (I really liked them.)

I remember being in her front yard after the new houses were built, playing in the ditch in front of them, making sand castles. Grandma called us to come in and get a piece of her whole wheat bread, which was delicious.

Lorna & Bill

Laddie, Velda, Mae, Lorna, Arland

Grandma kept every letter that Daddy wrote while he was at war. She let us take them to read. That was a real treat.

Grandma in her 70s

Wayne and Helen brought her over to spend some time with them in Farmington, N. M. She spent a day with me. The first thing she did was have me round up my scraps of material and start me making a scrap jacket. She had me wet her handkerchief with cold water so she could put it on her neck. I asked her if she was hurting and she said, "No, it was just burning a little." but she assured me she had no complaints about how she felt and that everything was fine and that she was so blessed. And that was always her sweet attitude.

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