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Memories of Grandpa & Grandma  

Autumn Richey
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  Her brother Floyd wrote:

Jay and Mable had a child between Floyd and Ray named Autumm . She lived to almost age 3 and died in Mesa Airzona.

When she died it was a dreadful time for Jay and Mable. There were few telephones and com-munication was slow. When they contacted Mary Ann Chapman Richey to tell her the sad news, she told them that she knew. Her husband, James Moroni Richey and her oldest son Forest Richey,

number 10065
back: Jay, Forest front: Scharlotte, Ted,
Mable with Ray, Floyd
appeared to her in her bedroom the night Autumm died. Standing with them was Autumn, grandmother knew she was very sick and this visit told her that she had passed on and was in good hands.

Grandma wrote:

When Jay and Mable's little girl, Autumn, died in Mesa, I didn't hear about it until I went to Sunday School, and when I heard it, that girl was a grown girl standing beside me. I didn't see her, but I knew she was there. She was only two or three years old [2 years and 10 months], but her spirit was a grown girl.

From a cousin: I remember Grandma talking about "dear little Autumn." I thought it such a beautiful name that it's my oldest daughter's middle name and she gave it to her youngest daughter also.

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