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Thomas J. Walton (1836-1878)
Mary Catharine Hunt (1836-1922)

Martha F.   12 Apr 1858-25 Oct 1906   

Barbery E.   1860-1866

Pressley   1863-1866

Maude   b abt 1866 - d bf 1880

Amanda Jane   1866-1940

Raighlie (Rolla)   1868-1889

Elihu Jesse  1871-1962

Odessa Mary (Oda)   1874-1947

Charles T.   July 1878-

Martha F. Walton married (their page)
Joseph Clark Kirkpatrick

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Thomas J. Walton (1835-1878)
1860 Census - age 24, farmer - Township A66 - Gentry - MO
      - wife Mary 24, children: Martha 2
      living next door to her father, Elihu Hunt.

1870 Census - age 34, farm laborer - Tollesboro Precinct - Lewis - KY
      - wife Mary C. 34, keeping house - children: Martha F. 12, Maude 4, Raighlie 2
      Relationships are not noted in this census.

Mary Walton (1836-1922)
1880 Census - age 44, head of family - Grant City - Worth - MO
children: Amanda Jane 14, Rolla 11, Elihu 9, Oda (Odessa) 6, Charles T age 1. Lodger: William Burgess 22

1900 Census - Grant City - Worth - MO
Mary 54 b Sept 1836 - had 8 children 5 living
daughter: Odisa (Odessa) 25 b May 1875 - (div) had 2 children 2 living
grandson: Harry R (Reed) Sobers 5 b Aug 1895
granddaughter: Fay G (Grace) Sobers 3 b March 1897
Next door: son (Elihu) Jesse Walton 28 b June 1871
wife Etta 26 b April 1874-5

1919 Engle V Worth Co., MO
People and dates mentioned:
Thomas Walton (d 1878)
Mary C. Walton, widow of Thomas (committed insane 1915 St. Joseph MO)
their children
  - daughter Martha Kirkpatrick (d 1907)
      mother of A. V. Kirkpatrick (d 1915), Maude Engle and Zella Killion
      grandmother of Arlyn and Helen Kirkpatrick (children of A. V.)
  - daughter Amanda J. Eighmy
  - son Elihu J. Walton
  - daughter Odessa M. Eighmy
  - son Charles T. Walton (wife Sadie)

also mentioned is Charles Eighmy

The Southwestern Reporter Vol 213 page 71  [a search for Arlyn Kirkpatrick in Google Books]

(Martha's granddaughter Helen Katherine Kirkpatrick thought her name was "Martha Miranda" so that's the name we searched for in the census. We don't know what the F. is for.)

Grant City Cemetery
Fletchall Township, Worth Co., MO
Compiled by Ben Glick from digital photos taken Augsut 2001. Directions: The cemetery is just west of Grant City on Hwy 46. For Corrections/Additions contact Ben Glick

WALTON Barbery E. 1860 1866
WALTON Etta M. (CAMPBELL) 1874 1915
WALTON Mary C. 1837 1922
WALTON Odessa M. 1874 1947 Wife of Gus KREDER
WALTON Pressley 1863 1866
WALTON Rolla 1868 1889    [probably same as Raighlie above?]
WALTON Thomas J. 1834 1878

Grave marker in Grant City Cemetery, Worth, MO with 4 names.
      children: Pressley 1860-1866 and Barbery E. 1863-1866
      parents: Thomas J. Walton and Mary C. Hunt.

- Photos, stories and documents courtesy of Henry & Dwyn Larson

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    Martha F. Walton
    married   Joseph Clark Kirkpatrick

    Grave marker in Grant City Cemetery,
    Worth, MO with 4 names.


    1860 census
    1870 census
    1880 census
    1900 census
    1919 Engle V Worth Co., MO