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Ancestor Pages -  bits and pieces of their lives
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    Submit Ancestor Journals, Histories, Life Sketch or Stories

Stories, etc. need to be typed and ready to put on the web. A page or two could be photographed to show
the person's handwriting and presented as photos to accompany the story or journal. Maps are great, also.

-- If it's already typed: is it on a CD? We can't accept the old 3+ by 3+ so-called floppy disks.
    Mail us a copy of the CD; don't send the original.

Send by regular mail to:

Larson Ancestor Pages
2630 W. Curtis Rd. #5
Tucson AZ 85705

-- Is it in a file on your computer? You can email it to us. If the story or history is long, break it up
    into smaller segments to email. Make sure each part is identified so we can put it back together

Send e-mail to:

-- If it isn't computer ready yet, but merely on paper, you need to find someone to type it into a computer.
    If you mail it to a relative to be typed, don't send the original, make a copy first. Most libraries have a
    copy machine.

Define Ancestor
The people we are directly descended from, starting with parents and going back. For this site that means they are desceased. If they are livng, they are your best source of information.                         

A site for you and your descendants would be:   

      Questions or Suggestions?  Email