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Chapman, Mary Ann (Richey)  continued:

Forest Goes to War
  Forest drafted, Hugh is not, WW I - 1917   115
  Forest comes home 1919   118
  Lou, Hugh and Bessie married while Forest was gone   119, 121, 122, 123
  Forest, Josephine married same day 1920   123
  Wayne, Dean, Wanda, Norma, Opal born   125

Moroni's Declining Years
  moved into town, farming too hard for Moroni and Jay   127
  Moroni cut wood, she canned 600 quarts of fruit   127
  worked for Udalls   127
  Vivian did marcelling, worked for Anderson's stores   127
  Jay freighted to help, truck burned   127
  Laddie born   128
  Leigh & Luella married 1923   128
  Forest, Lou, Leigh trip to St.George temple also parents did temple work   129
  train trip to S.L.C. for Conference (Primary)   129
  Lizzie got false teeth for her   129
  Moroni to hot springs for 5 weeks   129
  healed from appendicitis by power of the Priesthood   130
  trip to Mesa Temple dedication 1927   130
  Jay stayed to help with his father   132
  Moroni helpless for about 6 years  132
  Moroni died 1930 about 9 months after he fell  132

Moving on
  back to Richville for a year with Jay and Daisy   133
  saw spirits of Indians in her house   134
  everyone loved Richville   135
  Jay and Mable married 1931   135
  Vivian and Clarence married 1934   135
  new house finished   136
  Bonnie, Alvin, Dolpha, Leonard born   137
  Daisy and Ivan married 1937   139