by Dwyn Larson

Alexander, Sarah, actress & dancer   40
ambush of Frank LeSueur and Gus Gibbons by outlaws   140
Anderson, Charles P.,  pharmacist, Bishop   75
Aztec Land and Cattle Company   50

Ballantyne, Mary (Farr)   62
Barrett, Maude Green Spot   102
Barth, Solomon - early St. Johns   48
Birch, Elizabeth Ann (Potter) (Brown)   21
Bjorkmans, loaned corral to milk cow   60
Brown, Elizabeth Rosella   45
Burt, Ollie dear friend   42
burned his money   48

Cannon, George Q,   Faith Promoting Series   41
Chapman, Elizabeth Amelia (Lizzie)
  born   22
  irritated stepmother, sent from home   60
  worked as live-in helper in other people's homes   61, 62
  gave Mary Ann many nice things and clothes to make over for children   86
  husband left her by letter while she was traveling   104
Chapman, Harriet Zelnora Marsden (McDonald)   22
  married Welcome Chapman   21
  daughter Agnes   22, 60
  seamstress, dressmaker, milliner   33, 34
  house on Main Street with shop   59
  hooked by cow and died   60
Chapman, Hyrum
  married to Rhoda   23
  children: Susie (Luella's mom) Hyrum, Welcome   23
  children: Eugene, Zera, Minnie, Archie   25
  shared a house & farm with brother Welcome   21
  cut stone for S.L. Temple   44
  moved to Bluewater, NM   53

Chapman, Joseph Smith   45
  wife Jane   45
  daughter Josephine  45