Memories of Grandpa & Grandma  

Nadine Stradling Hunt

      On the fourth of July every year they would set off explosives in the pastures just north of Grandma's house early in the morning. We would try to get her up to our house the night before so she wouldn't have to suffer through the horrific noise and shock.
      When I was a senior in high school we lived on the Chilcott Ranch on the other side of Concho. That winter was so bad that I would ride the school bus into St. Johns on Monday and stay with Grandma Richey during the week. Then on Friday I would ride the bus home.

     Grandma in front of her house.

      Sometimes Doris would stay with us. Dad would bring wood in for Grandma. She said it was the first winter she'd been warm. We would buy the groceries and she would make graham muffins. They were so good. When we had lettuce we would eat it with toast for breakfast. We finally got her to try it. She said it tasted better than she expected.

       When Grandma was in the rest home in Show Low I would take Mom and my daughter Edie (about 12 years old) to visit her. Etta Seymore, the owner, would take us to her trailer next door where she had a piano and Edie would play for Grandma. Grandma told me her favorite hymn was "Be Still My Soul." It's my favorite too.

       We would tell our mom, "You have to live as long as Grandma did." She almost did, living 99 & 1/2 years. Now my children say, "You have to stay with us as long as they did."