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knowing your family - a greater sense of belonging

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Gain strength from your family history. Those examples of hard work and 'making do' can help you through hard times now. Their stories are family treasures - like the six grandsons who each got one skate for Christmas. By sharing, three of them could skate at a time!

Send us your stories and photos - we'll put them on family pages for you and update them as you (or we) do research.


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Maybe best of all - you can print these pages! Keep in a loose-leaf binder so you have instant access.

Even without pictures you can have a great page. Census, marriage and birth records give you places they lived, what they did for a living, which children were living at home or maybe next door, etc. Putting everything together in ancestor pages is a great way to see a little of what was happening in their lives.

Examples of ancestor pages:
 1 - no photos, but census records
 2 - 1 photo, her will
Don't miss the stuff at the bottom of the page, census informations, stories, notes, etc.

1. Gather your stuff in one place. Send us what you have while you look for more. Get your relatives involved; what they know could be a clue to finding more. (Don't send originals, make copies.)

2. Print your pages & keep in a binder. Kids love the pictures and stories!

3. Get your personal family history started. Let the kids take turns being the family historian who writes down important milestones and funny stories. Everyone keep a journal. Work together on preserving the past and the here & now at least one night a week.

The past belongs to everyone so you can download or print anything on this site. However, we do charge a small membership fee to set up and maintain your particular pages here. Our fees are low: $5 per month includes your first 10 Ancestor Pages, including Story Pages and index page. When you have 15 to 20 pages it goes up to only $10 per month.

Join us by subscribing.   Let's build a network of information to share with relatives, known and unknown. Distant cousins might have photos, maybe an aunt has letters, someone else has the marriage certificate. If they're searching for information on the same names they could find your email address on your pages and contact you.

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Ancestor Story Pages

Find a greater sense of belonging - in your family history.  Learn from your ancestors, honor their day-to-day courage or simply remember them with affection.

None of us are descended from saints, everyone makes mistakes. Those who were the worst offenders serve as good examples of what not to do. We can forgive them and move on (or drag them around with us like Marley's chains in A Christmas Carol).

Family pages on this site give life and light to the bare bones of the family tree.

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